Business cards with map Template

Business cards are a document that is used for providing contact information to anyone new. Business cards are commonly used in companies and various professions. A standard business card is a small piece of hard paper that contains some basic information about the creator or owner of the card. This information includes the following elements: The first thing that is printed on the card is the name of the individual A business card also contains the logo or name of the company that the individual works for or the company that he/she owns It should contain information about the appointment Read more

Halloween Party Flyer

Every 31st October all around the world Halloween festival is celebrated. People dress up like their favorite characters unlike old times when the people dressed just as jinn and witches etc. This is the time of year when all people come together and follow this tradition from old times that is really celebrated to ward off evil. In some countries people even leave food on their door steps to feed the souls so that they don’t bring wrath on their family. Whatever the reason may be that you are celebrating this is the day when all from children to elders Read more

Professional Development Training Log

Training and development is an important part of your life, because you have to attend different training for your career improvement. In order to keep the track of each training the training log is usually used. There are different types of training, and you can record each and every type of training in the log. In an organization, the training is arranged by the company, because it is really hard for the new employees to easily adjust in the environment of the office, and the training helps them to understand the environment of the office and other employees. It is Read more