Time Sheet Log

Time Sheet is a method used to log time spent by the employees at work to assist payroll calculation. It usually records hours worked, overtime, sick leaves, vacations and holidays making it convenient for the employer to manage report and track the performance of the employee against the task or project assigned to them. Different timesheet software allows you to track record anywhere and with any device. Moreover, whenever any employer is estimating the new project’s cost, time sheets help him to review the past performance that has completed his time sheet that benefits him to hire efficient workers. This tool works best for the organizations that are rather small in size. In this way, the businesses feel it more comfortable and easier in tracking employee Read more

Job Application Tracker Timeline

In this competitive world, everyone wants to get a better job in every sense possible. For this purpose, each candidate applies for many positions at once. Whatever skill they have they want it to utilize it and take it to the professional level. This means there are a lot of things to consider before, during and after the process of applying. If a person wishes to keep a track of all the applications put forward and he wants to make the best use of his time, he must follow a job application tracker timeline. This timeline enables the user to Read more

Client Satisfaction Survey Form

In any field or any business client support is the most essential thing in the eyes of a company. Certain Client satisfaction survey form reveals the client ideas of how good or precise company efficiency or stability is. The Client satisfaction survey form reveals the understanding that will help you creating experienced business choices. Client care study may include a variety of records that mainly concentrate on punctuality, staff attention, and identify possible client experience concerns. From reaction of the clients on products and features you provide, you can believe a Net Promoter Score that will help you making your Read more

Price Quote Template

Price Quote Templates provide the complete support in guiding to accomplish the important quotes for the business or company. Since quote template helps the people in generating quick quotes for the business or company, it saves a lot of time. A price quote template has become a very crucial part of every business.  In order to specify the price details and particular work which is required to be done by the worker for client, the individuals, retailing businesses and certain companies are frequently using the Price Quote Template. Usually, anyone who wants to take the services of any company or Read more

Bill Of Lading

Bill of lading is a very imperative legal document. It is used throughout worldwide business. This document contains complete data and information about the products being transferred from the transporter to the recipient. These data and information contains details about the type of the transferred products plus total number. As well, bill also contains the address of the recipient. The entire courier companies issue this invoice for delivered products. It is signed by the involved authorities at different points during the transportation of the delivered products from the source to the location. The objective of this document is to offer Read more

Purchase Order Form

Purchase order form is a commercial type of document which is also known as PO. This is the type of document which is issued by buyer to the seller. The purchase order comprises of different categories such as quantities, agreed price for product or the services provided by seller to buyer. The Purchase Order Form is more useful for those businesses which have to sell lots of goods on daily basis. The main purpose of using the purchase order form is to offer the services or the goods to be sold to the customers in specific period of time for Read more

Rent To Own Contract

When you typically buy a house, the sale occurs soon after an agreement is reached and the closing documents are signed. Nevertheless, if you do not have a good credit rating necessary to obtain a mortgage, but you still want to buy a house, you may be able to utilize a Rent-to-own agreement. When you enter into this kind of agreement, you agree to rent the house for a certain time frame before you earn the right to exercise a choice in the agreement to find the house. This kind of agreement includes various essential conditions including the Rental conditions, Read more

New Company Setup Checklist

The purpose of designing the company setup checklist is to remind you of all those tasks which you have to perform while setting up a new company or a business. Dividing the tasks into small manageable chunks and then adding them to the checklist makes it easy to handle the complexities which a person faces during the start-up process. While you are deciding to make a checklist, the first thing that is confusing you is to know the starting point. The type of the company must be known and now it is time for you to establish it. For this Read more

Office Activity Priority Matrix

It is very crucial to get the things done correctly and on time. To ensure that all the activities to be performed at office have been successfully performed, the Office Activity Priority Matrix plays main role. Before designing the priority matrix, it is important to prioritize the tasks on the basis of values and time. Office activity priority matrix is a simple document which is created in MS word. The responsibilities and other job tasks are prioritized and then they are added in the priority matrix on the basis of their priority. The main purpose of using this matrix is Read more

Payment Voucher Template

Payment is a document which is used to keep track of the payment of any product or goods. It is considered a very important part of selling and buying. This voucher is a legal voucher which also protects both buyer and seller from future disputes by recording the money that was paid. It is the best tool which is used by most of the business persons these days to keep track of all incoming and outgoing payments in an organised way. The payment vouchers are also used by the companies who want to give discount to their customers. Some companies Read more