Purchase Order Form

Purchase order form is a commercial type of document which is also known as PO. This is the type of document which is issued by buyer to the seller. The purchase order comprises of different categories such as quantities, agreed price for product or the services provided by seller to buyer. The Purchase Order Form is more useful for those businesses which have to sell lots of goods on daily basis. The main purpose of using the purchase order form is to offer the services or the goods to be sold to the customers in specific period of time for Read more

Rent To Own Contract

When you typically buy a house, the sale occurs soon after an agreement is reached and the closing documents are signed. Nevertheless, if you do not have a good credit rating necessary to obtain a mortgage, but you still want to buy a house, you may be able to utilize a Rent-to-own agreement. When you enter into this kind of agreement, you agree to rent the house for a certain time frame before you earn the right to exercise a choice in the agreement to find the house. This kind of agreement includes various essential conditions including the Rental conditions, Read more

New Company Setup Checklist

The purpose of designing the company setup checklist is to remind you of all those tasks which you have to perform while setting up a new company or a business. Dividing the tasks into small manageable chunks and then adding them to the checklist makes it easy to handle the complexities which a person faces during the start-up process. While you are deciding to make a checklist, the first thing that is confusing you is to know the starting point. The type of the company must be known and now it is time for you to establish it. For this Read more

Office Activity Priority Matrix

It is very crucial to get the things done correctly and on time. To ensure that all the activities to be performed at office have been successfully performed, the Office Activity Priority Matrix plays main role. Before designing the priority matrix, it is important to prioritize the tasks on the basis of values and time. Office activity priority matrix is a simple document which is created in MS word. The responsibilities and other job tasks are prioritized and then they are added in the priority matrix on the basis of their priority. The main purpose of using this matrix is Read more

Payment Voucher Template

Payment is a document which is used to keep track of the payment of any product or goods. It is considered a very important part of selling and buying. This voucher is a legal voucher which also protects both buyer and seller from future disputes by recording the money that was paid. It is the best tool which is used by most of the business persons these days to keep track of all incoming and outgoing payments in an organised way. The payment vouchers are also used by the companies who want to give discount to their customers. Some companies Read more

Personal Guarantee Form

These days, business transactions are being carried out on the basis of some legal documents because of the expected risks. Personal guarantee form is a legal document which is being used by clients, customers, renters and businessmen in order to avoid any kind of risk in future. The main purpose of using the personal guarantee form is to take the information from someone who gives the guarantee of something.  The signatures of the person are also taken. Sometimes, the use of personal guarantee form becomes crucial. When you want to lend some money from someone who does not trust you, Read more

Proof Of Delivery Template

The proof of delivery is a very useful document which plays a very important role in the process of shipping. The buyer and seller both are required to print, fill out and maintain the Proof Of Delivery document for running their trade and business smoothly. Due to its easy to use template and lots of benefits, the Proof Of Delivery document is being used across the world by the businessmen. To carry out a transaction in a business, a person is required to have only an invoice. In the transaction process, the delivery proof document acts as a proof of Read more

Sales Quote Template

A sales quote is a business document that gives an opportunity to the buyer to have an idea about the cost or the charges for the particular work which he will have to pay. The sales quote document can also be regarded as motivational tool which encourages the buyer to buy things on the price which has been mentioned in the sales quote document. The use of sales quote is one of the strategies of businesses which is used to boost the sales. Sometimes, the buyer does not know the price and in the absence of sales quote document, the Read more

Scope Of Work Template

With the help of scope of work template, you can prepare such statements which can be very helpful for you in the process of project completion. It can be a very challenging job for any project manager to write and design the scope of work. If you have drafted a scope of work document in a proper format, you can understand the flow of the entire project and will also be able to solve the problems which a person encounters during the process of project completion. The scope of work document is different for different projects. It includes the overview Read more

Service Quote Template

When a customer or client shows interest in different services offered by the company, they lodge a request in response to which, the company designs a document which is known as service quote. A service quote can also be regarded as the cost estimate of many services which are provided by the company to its customers. In order to get a perfect service contract, you are required to draft a service quote document perfectly. Service quote is a commercial type of document which contains the information and details about the services like the type of services provided by the company, Read more