Case study worksheet And Template

Case studies are basically a form of problem-based learning, where you present a problem that needs a solution. An average business case study is a specific and detailed account or story of what actually occurred in a particular company, industry, or venture over a few days. The learner has been given details about the problem, often in a traditional perspective. The key players are involved. Goals and difficulties are defined. This is followed by specific illustrations and data, which the learner then uses to evaluate the problem, determine what actually occurred, and make suggestions. The detail of a case relies Read more

Absence Request Form

In different companies, the employees need to request for leave in an official way. The same is the case with faculty members and students of institutions for higher education. An official process is engaged through which a person applicable for leave. First of all, an absence request form should be filled out. Various companies have their own customized absence request forms. These are obtainable to the employees in their workplaces upon request. Alternatively, these forms are downloadable from the organization’s website. An absence request form can be planned through a template. It is an easy document. The layout and format can Read more

Accounts Receivable Ledger

If you have a well-reputed company then it is a good idea to make a proper ledger to keep all the history. The Accounts receivable ledger is actually a sub balance sheet in which you can record all revenue information made by your company. It is probably better for not splitting all the record and keeps it at one location as a record of all amounts invoiced to customers as well as all transaction memorandums and invoice information issued to you. The overall amount of Accounts receivable ledger will be the same to the combined amount of overdue information receivable. An Read more

Business Development Prompter

Well, a Business Development Prompter is a very short, instructed program mainly used to increase your rate of growth at inspiring interest about several circumstances. A Business Development Prompter is characteristically used to start interaction over the telephone. The potential is to encourage interest about order to encourage the perspective mainly to learn about helping them dealing with a small company problem they have using your products and features. The prompter can be modified for various techniques, but mostly key editions should contain basic components like your name and company. Make sure to add the focused market and time of Read more

Company Profile Template

A company’s profile template presents its business to potential customers. It is an organization’s first impact. In other words, the information is a professional and official release of a company. Its idea is to make the target audience aware of the provided products or services. Therefore, it is important to create it well in order to draw in stakeholders as well as customers. This work is not easy. It needs to be taken out properly after developing an effective technique. Amazing and effective Company profile can be published by using a template. It can most definitely make the job easier by Read more

Executive summary template 

The reason of the executive summary is to describe the key features of your business in a way that will make reader desire to understand more. However, it must also consist of enough details that traders can see the prospective behind your business without reading the whole plan. In a standard business strategy with a typical executive summary, the first passage of your executive summary should in general include your business’s name, business’s location, what service or product you sell, and the objective of your plan. How extensive should an executive summary be ? By no means waste words in Read more