Time Sheet Log

Time Sheet is a method used to log time spent by the employees at work to assist payroll calculation. It usually records hours worked, overtime, sick leaves, vacations and holidays making it convenient for the employer to manage report and track the performance of the employee against the task or project assigned to them. Different timesheet software allows you to track record anywhere and with any device. Moreover, whenever any employer is estimating the new project’s cost, time sheets help him to review the past performance that has completed his time sheet that benefits him to hire efficient workers. This tool works best for the organizations that are rather small in size. In this way, the businesses feel it more comfortable and easier in tracking employee Read more

Rate Card Template

The idea of using a rate sheet template started after the people felt a great need for it. Everyone felt that there needs to be a tool that would help the managers to save their time and they can easily somehow calculate the salary of employees using different rates. And the need was right, as the rate card was introduced, the businesspersons loved it ever since and use it in their workings like nothing else. Their use, appreciation, and significance match none other. It is very common for companies to offer different pay rate to each of the employees. The Read more

Project Timeline Template

No one is unfamiliar with the word timeline. Timelines are used almost everywhere now and it serves an easier way to understand the trend of things. In the professional world, it is a common practice to ask for proper timelines which can be used in presentations in meetings. For this purpose, a good and well-prepared timeline can simply steal the show. It can not only impress the colleagues but will also make a great impact on the clients. Timelines are most frequently used for educational purposes in order to assist the students and the researchers to easily understand the pattern Read more

Mileage Log Template

Mileage log is a simple log book that will have a complete record of the user’s driving. This is needed when the user wants to claim deductions from the taxes based on the driving or journey. This log book is sometimes needed by IRS for better controlling of the taxes and its calculation. Many business owners are now able to take away the expenses linked to their automobile, like expenses of its repairs and specially the miles it has driven altogether or within a set time period. In order to truly claim deductions on the tax returns, the user should Read more

Job Application Tracker Timeline

In this competitive world, everyone wants to get a better job in every sense possible. For this purpose, each candidate applies for many positions at once. Whatever skill they have they want it to utilize it and take it to the professional level. This means there are a lot of things to consider before, during and after the process of applying. If a person wishes to keep a track of all the applications put forward and he wants to make the best use of his time, he must follow a job application tracker timeline. This timeline enables the user to Read more

Gift Planner Template

Presenting gifts to the dear ones around had been a tradition for centuries now. People enjoy giving and receiving gifts from each other and this also makes their contacts and relations stronger. As simple as it sounds, it simply is not. It is a huge effort to think and plan about what to give to people around that they will not only love, but by receiving it may also feel valued and cherished. Another thing which worries most of us is also that you may double buy an item for someone. If you are stuck in such a situation rest Read more

Construction Bid Form

This is a simple form used by either a constructor or a contractor, but for the same purpose. If any of them wishes to easily explain all the details of a project and make or get a bid against it, this is the best way out. An owner of a construction project may include an outline of the project along with a breakdown of all the material and labor costs etc required for it and use this bid form as a proposal. The interested parties or contractors will contact him and the process will become a lot smoother. The contractor Read more

Financial Portfolio Template

Financial portfolio is a document to write a collection of investments held by the Investment Company and financial institutions. The portfolio is a financial term, and commonly it is a collection of financial assets, including cash. It is designed by the investors and usually financial professionals are hired to manage the portfolio. It is designed according to the time frame, objective and risk tolerance ability of the investor. There are some factors such as monetary value and allocation of assets that can affect the portfolio. The financial portfolio template is designed for your help, because it enables you to create Read more

Logbook with Budget Comparison

It is good to set up your income and expense account in a general ledger, because it will help you in many ways. You can include different types of expenses, including charitable and sponsorship expenses. The general logbook is an easy way to have your budget comparison, as you will get a monthly summary of the income and expenses. Ledger is an important business document to mention the incomes and expenses of the business. You can enter every cash transaction to know about the cash inflow and outflow of the business. Mention everything in the sheet to check either everything Read more

Diet And Exercise Log Template

Make your new fitness plan and exercise log using Sample Diet Exercise Log Template: After development of a new fitness plan, it is really difficult to gauge your progress and effectiveness of the plan. You have to keep a consistent eye on the results of your plan with the help of diet exercise log. It is an effective way to record your results and feel the changes of your body with the passage of time. You have to keep track of your eating and drinking habits on a regular basis to find out the actual calorie count of the day. Read more