Gift Planner Template

Presenting gifts to the dear ones around had been a tradition for centuries now. People enjoy giving and receiving gifts from each other and this also makes their contacts and relations stronger. As simple as it sounds, it simply is not. It is a huge effort to think and plan about what to give to people around that they will not only love, but by receiving it may also feel valued and cherished. Another thing which worries most of us is also that you may double buy an item for someone. If you are stuck in such a situation rest Read more

Construction Bid Form

This is a simple form used by either a constructor or a contractor, but for the same purpose. If any of them wishes to easily explain all the details of a project and make or get a bid against it, this is the best way out. An owner of a construction project may include an outline of the project along with a breakdown of all the material and labor costs etc required for it and use this bid form as a proposal. The interested parties or contractors will contact him and the process will become a lot smoother. The contractor Read more

Financial Portfolio Template

Financial portfolio is a document to write a collection of investments held by the Investment Company and financial institutions. The portfolio is a financial term, and commonly it is a collection of financial assets, including cash. It is designed by the investors and usually financial professionals are hired to manage the portfolio. It is designed according to the time frame, objective and risk tolerance ability of the investor. There are some factors such as monetary value and allocation of assets that can affect the portfolio. The financial portfolio template is designed for your help, because it enables you to create Read more

Logbook with Budget Comparison

It is good to set up your income and expense account in a general ledger, because it will help you in many ways. You can include different types of expenses, including charitable and sponsorship expenses. The general logbook is an easy way to have your budget comparison, as you will get a monthly summary of the income and expenses. Ledger is an important business document to mention the incomes and expenses of the business. You can enter every cash transaction to know about the cash inflow and outflow of the business. Mention everything in the sheet to check either everything Read more

Diet And Exercise Log Template

Make your new fitness plan and exercise log using Sample Diet Exercise Log Template: After development of a new fitness plan, it is really difficult to gauge your progress and effectiveness of the plan. You have to keep a consistent eye on the results of your plan with the help of diet exercise log. It is an effective way to record your results and feel the changes of your body with the passage of time. You have to keep track of your eating and drinking habits on a regular basis to find out the actual calorie count of the day. Read more

Credit Memo

A credit memo is also known as credit note. It is produced by selling real estate for a purchaser. It is released for the purpose of payment. For example, if a purchased item ends up to be defective than the pay back can be made to the customer in the form of a credit memo. Consequently, it is an important financial document which has a high value in the commercial world. Suppliers can create this document with the help of a template of credit memo. The design of the document is simple. Normally, it does not increase to more than one Read more

Calculator Templates

To ease the complexity of business dealings, calculators are serving their best to calculate business expenses and cost. Simple calculators are being used on-line for adding and subtracting receivable and payable amounts, however special finance-oriented calculators are also designed by software to minimize the glitches of financial calculations. These are a bit sophisticated then an ordinary calculator as it has tabs to calculate the grand total, percentage, sub total or tax rates. They have round-off functions and other user-friendly customized options to do the accounting and book keeping effortlessly. Not just for business ,these calculators are also helpful in other Read more

Bill Of Lading

Bill of lading is a very imperative legal document. It is used throughout worldwide business. This document contains complete data and information about the products being transferred from the transporter to the recipient. These data and information contains details about the type of the transferred products plus total number. As well, bill also contains the address of the recipient. The entire courier companies issue this invoice for delivered products. It is signed by the involved authorities at different points during the transportation of the delivered products from the source to the location. The objective of this document is to offer Read more

Purchase Request Form

The purchase request form is used by the person who wants to buy the products from the company. Usually these types of forms are used when a buyer wants to request large number of products. Purchase request form, also known as PR is also used to give the authorization to continue the purchase process. With the help of this document, the user actually notifies the purchasing department of the items which he wants to order, the quantity of order and time frame of the purchase process. In order to get the desired product, it is very important to design the Read more

Sales Quote Template

A sales quote is a business document that gives an opportunity to the buyer to have an idea about the cost or the charges for the particular work which he will have to pay. The sales quote document can also be regarded as motivational tool which encourages the buyer to buy things on the price which has been mentioned in the sales quote document. The use of sales quote is one of the strategies of businesses which is used to boost the sales. Sometimes, the buyer does not know the price and in the absence of sales quote document, the Read more