Accounts Receivable Ledger

If you have a well-reputed company then it is a good idea to make a proper ledger to keep all the history. The Accounts receivable ledger is actually a sub balance sheet in which you can record all revenue information made by your company. It is probably better for not splitting all the record and keeps it at one location as a record of all amounts invoiced to customers as well as all transaction memorandums and invoice information issued to you. The overall amount of Accounts receivable ledger will be the same to the combined amount of overdue information receivable. An Read more

Community Event Planner Template

The Community event planner is mainly accountable for developing, planning, performance, and management of specific community activities, programs, and business events. The Community event planner works closely with responsible volunteer chairs and community associates to make sure all activities are delivered on time, within budget, and at the desired quality. This individual cultivates positive long-term relationships with every event stakeholders, especially community associates and vendors, and looks for to consistently improve event revenues and execution. The Community event planner is also accountable for providing support to other community organizations activities to help make sure their success, when requested by the Read more

Job order form

A job order is basically a written document which includes orders to perform a job. The job orders are also identified as work orders, job tickets or work tickets. They are typically used in settings where people complete projects in the form of tasks whether these tasks are routine maintenance, repairs or development of new items. The job orders may be internal and used for company within an organization or exterior and used by clients. The detailed information provided on a job order varies as it is based on the company and the type of work. The job order is Read more

Yearly Planning Template

Planning is an important part of your life, because it can make your work easy, and you can do everything in an organized way. If you want fewer mistakes in your life, then it will be good to plan everything in advance. At the start of each year, plan different events for the whole year, and finally your life will become really easy. You can use the year planner template to plan your whole year with specific date and write important notes. Design your own calendar and highlight all important events. Year planning will help you a lot to manage Read more

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Vehicle is a very precious and valuable asset of anyone’s life. Taking care of vehicle is very important for the owner of the vehicle. If you will take proper care of your vehicle and keep track of proper maintenance of the vehicle then you can be able to use your vehicle for a long period of time. It will work perfectly if proper service is given to all parts of it. You can prepare a planned vehicle maintenance schedule where you can remember the dates when you take your car to any shop for service. This will help you in Read more

Discounted cash flow Log

Discounted cash flow analysis is an important method to find out the value of project, assets and company through a concept of the time value of money. The statement helps you to estimate future cash flows and discounted present values. It is a widely used method in the exponential discounting. It is an important method; therefore all organizations prefer to prepare a cash flow statement. The companies find it significant to prepare the statement, because they work mutually for the smooth running of business in the future. For your convenience, the discounted cash flow template is designed. It is easy Read more

Camping Trip Packing List

A trip may be very exciting word to hear. The nature of the trip may be different, but as soon as anyone hears the name of a trip, he or she starts thinking of a travelling tour or vacation. As much as people would find the thought of a trip exciting and adventurous, the very thought of packing for the trip can be frightening and intriguing for many. It is a task that is found uninteresting by many people in the world. It is considered to be boring and tiresome job. The reason for this is that most people do Read more

Budget Template For NGOs

Budget preparation is always important to run the different activities of the organization. It is important to carefully assess the revenue and routine expenses of the organization to calculate the overall profit and income. It can be a difficult job to prepare a budget for NGO, because a nonprofit organization does not work for the sake of profit and money making. The budget template for NGOs is designed to easily prepare the budget of NGO with some modifications. You can enter amount of income, donations and expenses, and compare it with the data of the previous year. It enables you to quickly Read more

General Log Book

The general logbook is simply used for different purposes, such as to record the details of trucking, fishing, ships, piloting, scuba diving, amateur radio, etc. There are different uses of a general logbook, because you can write the details of people coming to meet on a regular basis. The general logbook template is designed to fulfill your different needs. It is important to keep at the entry gate, or the reception area of different organizations. It is essential for the gatekeeper or the receptionist to write the details of every meeting in the logbook for future references. There are different Read more

Home Loan Comparison Sheet

Every parent has a desire to give a convenient life to their kids; therefore they try to build a dream house for them. If you have no savings to build a new house, then do not worry because you can get a home loan to build a house just like your dreams. You can get a loan by mortgaging your expensive car, or any other expensive item to get a mortgage or home loan. Every bank offers the facility of home loan and you can make a comparison with the help of home loan comparison sheet. You may get a Read more