Application and Appointment Letters

How to write an official application Essentials of a good Application Always use good paper. Write application yourself. Use only one side of the paper. Address application correctly does not confuse post box no. with ‘Newspaper’ box no. Type application neatly. Give proper margins. Normally there should post more margins at the bottom than on the top. Arrange paragraphs systematically. If you are already working, never use the letterhead of that firm. The application should be so written that it stimulates enough interest and curiosity and creates a desire in the mind of the employer to see you personally. The Read more

Product Proposal Letter

Product proposal letters are the letters that are written by the company, any organization and even by an individual who has something to be displaced. The letter basically surrounds the offers you have and how they can be good for the department. First of all, whenever you are promoting something make it sound beneficial for others and make them buy it and this can only be possible when you show both the sides of the coin and that is by discussing both good qualities of the product and that how it can grab their benefits in its fist. Add impactful Read more

14 Goodwill Letters Templates

1.Congratulation on Promotion Date: Dear Mr. I am glad to learn that you have been appointed as general manager of your company. Please accept my heartiest congratulation. My fellow directors and I are delighted those 25 years of your serving as a sale manager to your company have at least been rewarded this way. With our best wishes, Yours sincerely, 2.Letter of thanks for first order Date: Dear Sirs, We are extremely thankful to you for your order of 17th July. The order is now in our packing department and you will hear further in a day or two. We Read more

Circular Letters Templates

These are the most difficult form of the letters as they are written on their own and without any inquiry from any corner. A circular is generally sent with any one or more of the following objects: 1.To introduce a new manufacture.2. To inform about fresh arrivals. 3.To invite to the opening ceremony of an office, branch or a showroom. 4.To request for donations. 5.To request for advertisements. 6.To inform about special trade terms. 7.To inform about the admission of a new partner in a business, similarly to inform about the retirement of a partner. 8.To inform about a change Read more

Agents-Agencies and Distributorship Letters

Agents- Agencies and Distributorship Letters The success of a modern business to a large extent depends on its agents and agencies and a right selection of these two is as vital as anything else. Agents may be appointed orally or in writing by of agreements through the later is always a better course as far as any legal complication are concerned. While making a selection of agents/agencies following facts should be considered: 1.Qualification and experience 2.Trade connection 3.Financial soundness 4.Showroom situation 5.Membership of different association. Advertising for Stockiest Wanted Stockiest/Agents in All States for (Country Name) (Product Name) Those who Read more

The Art of Writing a Business Letters

In Order to write a good commercial letter, following principles should be carefully observed. The writer of the letter should clearly know in his mind what he wishes to convey to the reader. Each and every sentence should be clear in its expression so that there is no chance of ambiguousness. Each letter should be as brief as possible. The receiver does not have much time as he is to go through a number of letters every day. To be accurate is in your hands and an accurate statement is always appreciated by the reader. Be courteous and considerate. This Read more

Late Payment Notification Letter Templates

When an individual or any organization has to deal with big transactions, there come times when the buyer does not pay on time. This may happen because of many reasons. One reason may be this that the party may have missed the payment. It may also happen because of several other reasons. The best solution to this is to issue a late payment notification to the defaulting party. This will remind them that the payment is still due and the process may be prompted after the notice. Even for issuing a late payment notification, there is a set way or Read more

9 Inquire and Reply Letters Templates

1. Inquire about Hosiery Goods ABC Trader’s Pvt. Ltd Date: —-/—-/———- XYZ Hosiery Co. Address: City: Phone: Fax: Email: Dear Sir, Please let us know what terms you can supply: 75 Doz. Socks (15 dozen each) Size 4,  6, 7 and 8. 80 Doz. Underwear’s (20 dozen each) Size 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 80 Doz. Lady Handkerchiefs. 80 Doz. Gents’ handkerchiefs. Thank you, Yours faithfully, ABC trader’s Pvt Ltd Reply to Inquiry XYZ Hosiery Co. Date: —-/—-/———- ABC Trader’s Pvt. Ltd Address: City: Phone: Fax: Email: Dear Sir, We are pleased to have your letter of 5th instant Read more

Job Recommendation Letters Templates

The Job recommendation letter is more generally known as a letter of reference. These letters are often used and required in an application process for jobs. Other than that, it could be used for college entry and scholarships. These recommendation letters as the name suggest works for recommending a certain person to the company or college as fit for the post or vacancy. The letter is basically written by someone who is on some high post and can declare a person eligible for a vacancy. That means it cannot be written by the applicant himself or anyone too close to Read more

Introductory Letter Templates

Introductory letter or the letter of introduction is exactly as the name suggests. It is used to introduce one party to another. The parties can be related to each other in any way possible. They can either be connected because of business or as a representative of any business. It is not compulsory that the introductory letter between two organizations, but can also be used while introducing two people on a personal level as well. Letter of introduction is often mixed with a referral or cover letters, but one should keep in mind that all of these letters are used Read more