Daily Lesson Planner

By listening to the name of this template, the first user comes in our mind is a teacher, but this lesson plan is for anyone who is in training or gives instructions to a group of people. For example, a driving instructor may follow a lesson plan which will have the suitable routes according to the levels of difficulty a beginner should follow. We believe that a teacher or instructor cannot be dictated about what to teach, but we can surely give you a solution to make a very interactive and easily to understand lesson planner. These lesson planners will Read more

CV Cover Letter Template

Cover letter is formally used by the people who want to put forward an application for a job. This cover letter is not a compulsory part of the process, but proves to be a very useful tool indeed. Basically it is an overview of the skills, expertise and the level of proficiency one has to offer to the employer. The employer by just glancing at the cover letter can know that whether the required skills and capabilities are there in the person or not. This explains a lot as to why a cover letter needs to be extremely professional and Read more

Construction Bid Form

This is a simple form used by either a constructor or a contractor, but for the same purpose. If any of them wishes to easily explain all the details of a project and make or get a bid against it, this is the best way out. An owner of a construction project may include an outline of the project along with a breakdown of all the material and labor costs etc required for it and use this bid form as a proposal. The interested parties or contractors will contact him and the process will become a lot smoother. The contractor Read more

Birthday Voucher Template

Everyone thinks of a birthday gift when a birthday is approaching, but what to do if you do not even know their taste, or they are not among your family and friends, but your employees or clients? We have a better idea. Try a Birthday Voucher Template. A Birthday Voucher in other words is just like paying cash or the gift coupon to the person. The receiver may use this voucher is either purchasing something or using the quality services offered by the presenter. This will not only become something memorable for them, but they will also thoroughly enjoy it. Read more

Authorization Letter Template

A person can do a lot of things, but sometimes circumstances make it impossible for a person to be multi tasking and he then have to authorize anyone else to do some of the tasks on his behalf. Authorization Letter is the same thing; this letter simply is a proof that the person is giving authority to any person or party so that they can perform the task. These letters are used widely in this world some of the best examples are the grant slip for a school trip, managing of legal affairs, to do the bank transactions or even Read more

Student Request Form

There are so many forms that are linked with you till you are attached to the education. These forms are designed for the good to secure your data and legal information so that in the case of any twist the error could be caught right at the moment. Out of all forms, there is the request form which you have to fill in order to make a request for something. The form is the basic step to pass on for each student. What is a student request form? The official piece of note that is filled by the student in Read more

All Saints Day Invitation Templates

All Saints day invitation templates is designed and prepared to facilitate you for the occasion: Saints are those people who have done good and preached goodness. There are many saints that are known but many are the unsung heroes who have brightened up the lives of people. Catholic churches and many protestant churches celebrate the all saints day and it is to pay regard to those soulful people who gave their fair share in spreading the peace and selflessness to the people of high egos and bound in the worldly matter. These saints are paid regard to on every 1st Read more

Black Friday Invitation Template

Black Friday is usually celebrated in the United States. It is a Friday after Thanksgiving and known as an unofficial holiday for the shopping. The next day after Thanksgiving will be the start of the Christmas shopping season. The black Friday is a big business day for retailers and they often sale different items at discount. It is known as the biggest business day for the customers during the year. Black Friday is a practical day of shopping for the serious shoppers. You can notice a long queue in front of the stores, because the shoppers want to snatch best Read more

Financial Portfolio Template

Financial portfolio is a document to write a collection of investments held by the Investment Company and financial institutions. The portfolio is a financial term, and commonly it is a collection of financial assets, including cash. It is designed by the investors and usually financial professionals are hired to manage the portfolio. It is designed according to the time frame, objective and risk tolerance ability of the investor. There are some factors such as monetary value and allocation of assets that can affect the portfolio. The financial portfolio template is designed for your help, because it enables you to create Read more

Logbook with Budget Comparison

It is good to set up your income and expense account in a general ledger, because it will help you in many ways. You can include different types of expenses, including charitable and sponsorship expenses. The general logbook is an easy way to have your budget comparison, as you will get a monthly summary of the income and expenses. Ledger is an important business document to mention the incomes and expenses of the business. You can enter every cash transaction to know about the cash inflow and outflow of the business. Mention everything in the sheet to check either everything Read more