Requesting Letter templates

An appeal letter is a kind of official or legal document. It is used in cases dealing with the law. Usually, if someone needs or gets hold of something, you are supposed to send an appeal letter to make an appeal to it. This appeal can also be termed as a formal request. As this letter is an official and professional document so it needs to follow a professional format and tone throughout the letter. It is important to take care of two things while drafting an appeal letter. Firstly the format that one is following and the other is Read more

Apology Letters Templates

Apologies can save many relationships as this expresses the regret regarding any past dispute or argument between the two parties. This magical expression can melt any heart and can dissolve all the hard feelings. Apart from that, it conveys the feelings through words which can change the negative feelings to the positive ones. Sometimes, the only gesture is not enough to apologize, so people write an apology letter to others. These letters can carry the words which they are too afraid to say out loud. If someone wishes to send an apology letter to anyone and do not know how Read more

Employee Memo Template

We know that the world has become too fast and people have started relying on internet and technology even more than before. But this is also a reality that most often, emails go to the spam folder and there is a higher risk of missing an email than missing written messages. For this purpose, many organizations still use memos or memorandums when they want to communicate internally in the office. If you are thinking that writing a memo is a tiring thing to do then do not worry. Employee memo templates have made lives a lot easier. A memo or Read more

Internship Confirmation Letter

We all understand what an internship is and how important it is for students to gain some experience out of it. So, the companies issue an internship confirmation letter to the internee as an official document confirming the acceptance of the position.The internship letter is most often included in the documents that are presented to the internee giving details of the program. At times, the internship confirmation letter is just sent as a formality or courtesy. The importance of this type of confirmation letter may vary depending on the reason or means by which internee has been hired. Once the Read more

Employee Attendance Tracker Sheet

An employee attendance tracker allows the office manager to track the attendance and working hours of an employee. As the name signifies, it is a way of tracking or keeping the record of their attendance. This excellent tool is usually used in small to medium-sized enterprises, however, it can also be used in other industries as well. As it allows employees and employers to view the history of the working hours, so this proves to be an amazing tool overall. A lot of companies, irrespective of the sizes, keeps track of the attendance of employees mainly because they have policies Read more

New Baby Announcement Templates

A lot of parents get so excited about the news of going to have a child that they want to share it with the world. A few may want this news to be a secret, but for others, the more people get the news, the better. The new baby announcement card can either be used for announcing the pregnancy or once the baby is delivered healthy and active. This depends on the parents how and when they want the world to know it. No matter when you want to share this news with everyone, but as a whole, this is Read more

Weekly Assignment Calendar Templates

Whether a person is a student, business owner, an employee or self-employed he without a doubt will have tasks and assignments to do. If he wants to manage all of these tasks and complete them in time, he should use a weekly assignment calendar. This calendar has a unique way of making this tricky thing a bit easier. By using a simple weekly assignment calendar user can make it easier to stay organized and plan ahead of time. If the user wants to be more effective and efficient, a pre-formatted template for weekly assignment calendar can make the whole process Read more

Time Sheet Log

Time Sheet is a method used to log time spent by the employees at work to assist payroll calculation. It usually records hours worked, overtime, sick leaves, vacations and holidays making it convenient for the employer to manage report and track the performance of the employee against the task or project assigned to them. Different timesheet software allows you to track record anywhere and with any device. Moreover, whenever any employer is estimating the new project’s cost, time sheets help him to review the past performance that has completed his time sheet that benefits him to hire efficient workers. This tool works best for the organizations that are rather small in size. In this way, the businesses feel it more comfortable and easier in tracking employee Read more

Rate Card Template

The idea of using a rate sheet template started after the people felt a great need for it. Everyone felt that there needs to be a tool that would help the managers to save their time and they can easily somehow calculate the salary of employees using different rates. And the need was right, as the rate card was introduced, the businesspersons loved it ever since and use it in their workings like nothing else. Their use, appreciation, and significance match none other. It is very common for companies to offer different pay rate to each of the employees. The Read more

Project Timeline Template

No one is unfamiliar with the word timeline. Timelines are used almost everywhere now and it serves an easier way to understand the trend of things. In the professional world, it is a common practice to ask for proper timelines which can be used in presentations in meetings. For this purpose, a good and well-prepared timeline can simply steal the show. It can not only impress the colleagues but will also make a great impact on the clients. Timelines are most frequently used for educational purposes in order to assist the students and the researchers to easily understand the pattern Read more