Statement Of Understanding Template

The documents are very important in professional life because many documents also act as legal files. In any job, the employers hire the employees if they feel that the employee can get the job done according to the requirement of the job. The employer may want the employee to follow certain rules, practice certain precautionary measures and avoid some actions during the job role. All the policies of the company are explained to the employee in clear words before he joins the company. In order to assure that the employee has completely understood all the rules and policies of the Read more

Telephone Reference Check Form 

The Telephone Reference Check Form is very easy to use and practical. This tool can be very useful for any company. It contains only valid information which makes it easy for the person to make decision regarding hiring people. It also helps the person in determining that whether the person is eligible to perform the job or not. The experience of the person can also be checked with the help of telephone reference check form. The main components of the form are the date, name of applicant, name of reference, job title, company name, contact Number etc. With the help Read more

Travel Permission Form For Students 

If the children are not travelling with their parents rather they are going alone with the trip, then they need to get the permission from their parents. The Travel Permission Form For Students is a legal document which simplifies the travelling purpose of the student. In response to this form, the parents issue a permission letter in which they state that they have permitted their child to go on a tour. When a student has the permission letter, it reflects that he/she has got the permission to travel without parents. The forms should be given to the parents of the student Read more

Balance Sheet With Financial Ratio

You need the balance sheet with financial ratio to look at the failure or progress of your business. They are helpful in comparing the average performance of your business with the performance of the businesses of the same sort. This also helps you to know about the progress of your own business in the market and is a warning for you if you are meeting with failures. It is a suggestion to assist you to solve your business complications. By equating the ratios you watch out for any uncomplimentary trends that might come your way. Balance sheet actually measures the Read more

Body Measurement and Track

The Body and Weight Track helps to keep a record of all of your important body measurements. Which include: Weight Waist Hips Thighs Body Fats Body Mass Index or BMI Not only this it can also help to measure other customary measurements one can think of such as of shoulders, body water%, skeletal muscle % etc. All this is available to you on your mobile device. You can make use of all this information and you can easily jot them down in your Google Drive account to update your data. This is for your own use. You get to know Read more

Customer’s Feedback Form

If you are running a retail shop then it is very useful for you to collect the customer’s opinion to improve your business. This feedback will tell you about the things that can be improved and the things that are helpful for the success of the business you are running. It is a kind of survey that can be conducted to help you run a fair business. This feedback form contain questions like: How often does the store have what you want in your stock? How fair are the prices you are offering? Is there a broad selection available? How Read more

Daily Work Log Template

Daily Work Log Template is used to note down works you do on daily basis. All the important tasks are filled in the template for your own convenience. It works as a calendar for you making you remember about various daily tasks. It tracts all the activities on regular basis. The daily tasks that can be: Outlining your official assignment Making an alert of your pick and drop services Scheduling formal/informal meetings in a written form Planning house tasks like laundry or cleaning Writing the payments of bills Travelling plans Your writing should be need and tidy while filling the Read more

Annual Leave Record Sheet

Yearly leave record sheet is permitted to the employee after he/she has served at least for a year in that organization. There are certain rules that apply to the leave granted to the employee. The employee that is permanent is liable to have a leave of a month during his/her job. Most of the companies grant leaves for a month only, whereas some offer more than four weeks. These leaves can be taken for various genuine reasons, such as: Illness Childcare Unavoidable circumstances/ important chores Yearly leaves are taken either to keep oneself relaxed or to go on a trip Read more

Employee Absence Record Worksheet

The employee absence record template consists of the data related to employees. It has a tracker that has divisions and sub-divisions. Since the companies do not have enough time to keep a track of everything so an already made template is used that can easily be found on the internet. It keeps a yearly record of the employee’s attendance. Incentives like bonuses for the employees are also given to motivate them to work and not to take leaves unreasonably. An extra amount is also paid if the allocated leaves are not availed that boosts the spirits of the workers. A Read more

Employ Recommendation Letter

For writing an employee recommendation letter, you must be familiar with the information that you need to add and the way of writing it. Formatting of this kind of letter is very important. For this you need to have a copy of the resume you are writing the letter for. If the employee can tell you about the job posting then it will be easier for you to write it. It can be exact in your endorsement of the person you are writing it for. A strong recommendation is when you correlate the skills and experience of the candidate that Read more