Sales Quote Template

A sales quote is a business document that gives an opportunity to the buyer to have an idea about the cost or the charges for the particular work which he will have to pay. The sales quote document can also be regarded as motivational tool which encourages the buyer to buy things on the price which has been mentioned in the sales quote document.

The use of sales quote is one of the strategies of businesses which is used to boost the sales. Sometimes, the buyer does not know the price and in the absence of sales quote document, the buyer himself has to request the seller to tell him the price with the help of the quote letter.

A well written sales quote document can help the person in choosing the company or the vendor who can sell them good and high standard products without losing their quality. The volume of sales is also boosted up when the companies use the sales quote document in their business. There is no significance template available for designing the sales quote document. Variety of sales quote documents are prepared by different companies.

The seller and buyer both show their consent for delivering the services which have been requested by the customer in specific time. Their consent is shown in in sales quotation document. Then these sales quotations are used by the customers to get the product of their choice in specified amount of time.  The main components of the sales quote are quote number, date, product, quantity, price and also the terms and conditions related to the sales quote.


Sales Quote Template


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