Telephone Reference Check Form 

The Telephone Reference Check Form is very easy to use and practical. This tool can be very useful for any company. It contains only valid information which makes it easy for the person to make decision regarding hiring people. It also helps the person in determining that whether the person is eligible to perform the job or not.

The experience of the person can also be checked with the help of telephone reference check form. The main components of the form are the date, name of applicant, name of reference, job title, company name, contact Number etc.


With the help of this form, a person is judged on the basis of job title, period of employment, reason of leaving, main duties and responsibilities, overall rating of work performance, applicant’s strengths and weaknesses and much more. Another important information which is required to be added in the form is the name the person who has referenced. This is a very basic tool which can be used to check whether the person is suitable for the job position or not.

There can be many reference questions which can be used in the form. After the initial screening you can use reference check to evaluate the behavioural competencies. You can use a detailed telephone reference check form which will have a longer list of reference questions to check the ability of the candidate. You can use this form for multiple jobs however you can also customize it according to the nature of the job.


Telephone reference check form New



Telephone reference check form


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