Contract for Deed Agreement Form

The contract for deed is essentially a legitimately restricting archive between the client and supplier of “genuine property” wherein proprietor affirms to give subsidizing to the arrangement. The contract for deed is regularly utilized as a part of a “rent to claim” individual lease contract or as the other option to a conventional “home loan” deal bargain. In this circumstance, installments will be made by contract until the proprietor gets the endorsed cost. At that point, on the off chance that all states of the contract for deed have been met, the client picks up the title to the property Read more

Billing and statements sample letters

Enclosing a Receipt Letter Date day/month/year Messrs XYZ & Sons, City, State Dear Sirs, We thank you very much for your letter dated [date] along with your cheque for $ 8990 and have pleasure in enclosing our official receipt for the same Yours faithfully, For ABC Industries Accounts Officer Encl: Receipt Preview Sample Enclosing a Receipt Letter Download Letter to Purchaser about Return of Documents from His Bankers Date day/month/year Dear Sirs, In compliance with your order no. 784 dated [date], we sent the goods per passenger train and forwarded the documents to your bankers on 11th July. A copy of Read more

Invoice and Statement Letters

Invoice Correction Letter Date: Dear Sirs, We regret very much to say that an error in our bill no. 5544 dated [date] has just come to our knowledge. The correct price of [Product name] is $ 350 and not $ 200 as mentioned. We are therefore enclosing our fresh bill. Please treat the earlier bill as canceled and remit us the amount according to this bill, when due. Thank you, Yours faithfully, Preview Invoice Correction Letter Download Difference in Discount Letter with Reply Date: Dear Sirs, We are in receipt of your invoice no. S/7 dated [date], for $ 8849. Read more

Bills and Statement Letters

All bills/invoice should be sent as promptly as possible. This enables the buyer to: Check the goods or services rendered Make an entry in his accounts; and Arrange for an early payment. Similarly, all statements of accounts should be submitted at regular intervals so that the buyer knows the amount due. Bills and statements must be thoroughly checked before dispatch so that the accuracy is maintained at its maximum. Preview Sample Direct Invoice to Customer Download Sending a Bill Direct / Sending a Direct Invoice to Customer Company Name City, State Registered Date: Messrs Company Name City, State Dear Sirs, Read more

Employee Time And Attendance Sheet Template

What is Time And Attendance Sheet? Organizations or companies want to know about the timings and presence of their staff. Enormous employees work in an organization. It is hard for all the employees to report about their in and out timing. Likewise,  it is hard for the employer to ask the timing from each employee. Hence, the most facilitating ways to address this issue is the use of time and attendance sheet. Company Details: Make your time and attendance sheet look professional by mentioning the company name on it. Mention it clearly and consider to display the company logo on it. Read more

Demand Request Order Form

What is Purchase Request Form? The purchase request form is a requisition letter or form which enables the employee to send a request for the required products, good or service. The requisition varies from company to company. A lab demonstrator would fill the purchase request form of the equipment or chemicals. Likewise, an IT industry would send the purchase request form of concerned products. It is a proper process of requesting for the products. Rather than a verbal request, companies should adopt the use of this professional document. Internal purchasing becomes streamlined through the request form. The form has following Read more

Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template

What is Profit And Loss Statement Template? The profit and loss statement is a significant document depicting the financial statement of the company. It represents the expenses and revenues of the company for a particular duration of time. All the revenues which have been converted to net income can be known by having a glimpse at the profit and loss template. Now, the measurement of revenues and company’s sale is not a trouble anymore. Get the instant recap of the company’s profit and loss of a specified period of time by preparing the profit and loss statement. Company Name And Period: Read more

All Type of Inventory Count Sheet Templates

What is Inventory Templates? Companies or organization deal with a number of products. Tracking the inventory of the company was not this much easier before. The inventory template kicks out all the tensions regarding the inventory. Maintain a perfect balance and get to know when new inventory is to be purchased. Use this professional tool to smoothly run your business. Company Details: Customize the template as per company’s need. Mention the name of the company along with the adorable logo of it. Consider mentioning the company address, contact number, and email ID. Inventory Products: Mention the name of all the products Read more

Income Statement Template

What is Income Statement Template? An income statement is an important financial statement that provides the quick recap of the company performance over a specified time. This essential statement summarized the whole picture of business expenses and revenues. The income statement template can be formatted in various ways. It can be single-step income statement or the multi-step income statement. The company should use the sheet as per their convenience. The single step income statement exhibits all expenses and revenues while omitting the income tax expense. Both operating income and gross profit can be mentioned on a separate line in the Read more

Equipment Inventory List Template And Depreciation Schedule

What is Equipment Inventory And Depreciation Schedule? The equipment inventory and depreciation schedule is a useful document which perfectly fulfills the purpose of organizing the inventory and calculation of depreciation. With the passage of time, the value of the equipment is declined. The decrease in value should be monitored in order to know the current worth of the equipment of products. The decrease in value is due to the usage and wear and tear. The warehouse is such a place where the excess stock is kept. Having an idea of all the products that a company have is quite necessary. Read more