Orders and Their Compliance

A letter for ordering goods should be as clear as possible. It should contain: 1.The reference to catalog/price list advertisement etc. 2.The date of ordering goods. 3.The quantity, size, pattern, mark etc. of goods. 4.Per unit rate. 5.Mode of dispatch rail/road/air/sea etc. 6.O.B. /C.I.F. etc. 7.Mode of payment bank/hundi/direct. An incomplete order will delay the execution of order sending order in a routine way. ABC Book House London Date: M/S Bloomsbury Bookstore London Dear Sir, Please Send us the following books by transport and forward the documents through the chartered bank: 1001 jokes 20 $. 12.00 Business Letters Book 45 Read more

Commission calculator Template

A commission is referred to as the fee paid by a business to a salesperson for his services rendered either to help facilitate or complete the sale. Commission rate is determined by the sales agreement. Typically the following factors are helpful in calculating commission. Commission rate: Obvious by its name, commission rate represents the percentage of the fixed amount of cash to be received duly for sales made. Commission basis: usually a commission amount is based upon the sales made but it may be based on another factor like net profit. Profit based commission is opted by business when they Read more

Jewelry Appraisal Form

A jewelry appraisal is defined as a documentation of the current value of jewelry by a professional jeweler. It can be done majorly for three known purposes: Tax Resell the jewelry item you possess. For insurance. Most appraisals are carried out for insurance purposes. A jewelry appraisal is done by filling in a jewelry appraisal form. The form typically includes: Name of the owner of jewelry. His full address. Contact number. Any email address. Should be documented that whether the jewelry is for business purpose or is it personal Type of jewelry should be mentioned. Size of the jewelry. The Read more

Sales Forecast Calculator

The sales forecast calculator helps the business determine not only their sales revenue but also the expected profits. These in turn help to manage the cash flow it works on a very simple principle, you just need to enter values for expected sales and overheads and determine the following: Gross profit Net sales Overheads total sales The sales forecast template is designed by professionals allowing business to easily get a printable version of it. The template helps in identifying projected sales both on the annual and quarterly basis. By knowing the sales revenue and profits business put themselves In a Read more

All Types of Resume Template

Before moving with the types of resume let us first define what a resume is. A resume is a document which represents an applicant’s education, experience, and skills. Types of resume templates used by job applicants are: 1.Chronological 2.Functional 3.Combination 4.Targeted You choose for the resume format which best suits your requirements. Chronological Resume: As evident from the name, a chronological resume lists your work history in chronological order i.e. starting from the most recent to the initial one. It is the most commonly used resume format. Chronological resumes are mostly preferred by employers.Majorly accomplishments and qualifications are listed in Read more

All Types of Receipt Templates

A receipt is proof of payment made whether by an individual or an organization. Different forms of receipts templates are used depending on the nature of the transaction. Types of receipts include: 1.Delivery receipt template 2.Cash receipt template 3.Rent receipt template 4.Sales receipt template 5.Donation receipt template 6.Purchase receipt template 7.Packing slip receipt template Delivery receipt template: the delivery receipt basically confirms that the delivery took place. Goods delivery receipt: It includes not only the items acquired but also their quantity and amount. Blank delivery receipt: It resembles an envelope where the company logo is at the extreme left and Read more

Estimates Quotations and Tenders

A quotation is a just simple offer from the supplier which does not legally bind him. He is at liberty to withdraw the same thought he normally does not do so as otherwise, this will affect his reputation. It is, therefore, necessary that a quotation should be sent after a careful thought and should include the following: Whether or not the goods can be supplied in full, The price of the goods, Discount or commission, if any, Sales tax, duty or any other tax applicable, Any special offer, Mode of payment-direct/at sight, Date of delivery, Inclusion or exclusion of expenses Read more

Partnership Proposal Letter

The success of the business is based on the two-way source. It is basically a mutual relation shared by the two organizations. The relation in business is made through trust, honesty, honor, respect, belief, and plan which are the ultimate branches of the partnership. The strong base of the partnership is the pillar of the successful business. The partnership is the game of giving and take. Every person looks for a better deal or the better idea. You can build your business strong by offering the right person a deal. You choose a right party the game is all yours. Read more

Application and Appointment Letters

How to write an official application Essentials of a good Application Always use good paper. Write application yourself. Use only one side of the paper. Address application correctly does not confuse post box no. with ‘Newspaper’ box no. Type application neatly. Give proper margins. Normally there should post more margins at the bottom than on the top. Arrange paragraphs systematically. If you are already working, never use the letterhead of that firm. The application should be so written that it stimulates enough interest and curiosity and creates a desire in the mind of the employer to see you personally. The Read more

Nursing Note Templates

Nursing notes are basically an important part of taking care of the patient. This note contains nothing else than detailed information about the patient’s health condition and the symptoms a nurse has observed in a patient. This shows how important it is to take accurate and related nursing notes. The nurses are required to add in the required details timely and keep editing it until the correct information is added. Correct, reliable and appropriate documentation of nursing notes is the most important thing as the safe care depends upon these notes. It is very important that a nurse keeps taking Read more