Bill Of Lading

Bill of lading is a very imperative legal document. It is used throughout worldwide business. This document contains complete data and information about the products being transferred from the transporter to the recipient. These data and information contains details about the type of the transferred products plus total number. As well, bill also contains the address of the recipient.

The entire courier companies issue this invoice for delivered products. It is signed by the involved authorities at different points during the transportation of the delivered products from the source to the location.

The objective of this document is to offer protection to all parties in the process of delivery. These include the suppliers, the shippers and lastly the receiver. It guarantees safe delivery of products. In case of any delivery problem, this document can be used to resolve the problem.

Making this document can be a time taking process. Nonetheless, a template can help you complete this job easily and quickly. You can get a ready-made format which can be personalized based on the specifications. A Bill of lading template as an excel document can be used. Thus, it will be simpler to make the essential and required columns and rows for bill.

It is not a complex document. Though, it must contain all the necessary components of information. Usually, bill includes only one page. It may surpass to two or more pages for bigger purchases and supply. A single Bill of lading template can help you make the document whatever your specifications are.


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Bill of lading


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