Billing Invoice Statement

An invoice is a document that proves a transaction between the buyer and the seller.

A billing Invoice helps both the buyer and the seller to note down the purchases that have taken place, it is used for documentation and proof of sale. If in the future, there is a litigation or some kind of misunderstanding between both the parties, the invoice acts as a proof and is recognized by the court as well.

An invoice starts off by the name of the business and organization on the top along with contact details such as the address and contact number placed right beneath the name and logo.

The billing invoice is then divided into various columns. The first one is for serial number, the second one is for the name of the product along with the product code. This column should be broader as compared to other so all the details are mentioned clearly. Following this column should be the quantity column.

This specifies the amount and number of products bought. It eases the task of the documented by preventing the writing down of the products name and code again and again. Next to the quantity column should be the price column which enlists the worth of the product. If the quantity is more than one, then the price should be written accordingly. Right at the end of the price column should be the grand total of the price. At the end, it is advised that the amount be written down in words as well.


Billing statement invoice


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