Body Measurement and Track

The Body and Weight Track helps to keep a record of all of your important body measurements. Which include:

  • Weight
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Body Fats
  • Body Mass Index or BMI

Not only this it can also help to measure other customary measurements one can think of such as of shoulders, body water%, skeletal muscle % etc.

All this is available to you on your mobile device. You can make use of all this information and you can easily jot them down in your Google Drive account to update your data. This is for your own use. You get to know all about the changes in your body and weight. This is the personal information that one needs to know on and off to keep oneself aware of the changes that are going on in the body. It can help you in keeping you fit and smart.

How to Use

There are certain things that you need to track your body and weight measurement. These things include a measuring tape or body fat scale and the body tracker will help you to know how to get the details of all the measurements of your body by using the seven calculators. . All you have to do is to enter these measurements in your mobile’s calculator and all the calculations will be done for you.  If you do not know how to take the measurements using a caliper or a tape, what you need to do is see the video or the given images that are within the body tracker.


body measurement and weight tracker



Body weight and measurements tracker


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