Building Maintenance Checklist Template

What is Building Maintenance Checklist?

The building maintenance checklist is a document which aids the business owners and owners of building in ensuring the proper maintenance.  Having a checklist is necessary in order to facilitate the maintenance process. The checklist can be filled periodically. The owner of the tasks that need to be fixed.
The building maintenance checklist contains the date on the checklist. One needs to mention the date first on the checklist. The record keeping becomes easier.


Check your roof in order to know the condition of it. If there exists any pending task regarding roof repairing then do mention it in the template. If it is found to be in the desired condition then mark tick in front of it.


Monitor the condition of building walls. The paint should be proper and the walls must be dust free and termite free. Monitor it closely to find out the condition of the wall. Inspect the conditions of the stairs too.


Cleaning of the building is an important aspect that must not be forgotten at all. It is necessary to maintain the proper cleanliness of the building. Ensure cleaning and mark tick on the checklist when the cleaning is in accordance with the desire. The building should be free of dirt and dust.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning should be observed carefully. Any sort of damage or leakage can be harmful. Check the proper functionality of the building. For the improper maintenance, mark cross on the sheet.


All the lights, board, and fiscal must be working properly. Check the condition of all the lights. No light should be fused and there must not be any electricity issue leading to the non-functionality of the light. Check all the lights of the building and mention the status on the building maintenance checklist. Inspect all the elements of the building and fill the checklist.


Building Maintenance Checklist Template


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