Mileage Log Template

Mileage log is a simple log book that will have a complete record of the user’s driving. This is needed when the user wants to claim deductions from the taxes based on the driving or journey. This log book is sometimes needed by IRS for better controlling of the taxes and its calculation. Many business owners are now able to take away the expenses linked to their automobile, like expenses of its repairs and specially the miles it has driven altogether or within a set time period. In order to truly claim deductions on the tax returns, the user should Read more

Meeting Agenda Template

In any organization, it is a common practice to draft a meeting agenda prior to any meeting. The Meeting Agenda includes all the planning related to the meeting itself. Just before the meeting the managers and the supervisors may get busy in jotting down the important details of the meeting that will follow. This is done because they know how important it is to save time and time could only be saved if the meeting is properly managed before the meeting time arrives. The best way to keep everything in the plan is to keep it recorded in written form. Read more