Employee Time And Attendance Sheet Template

What is Time And Attendance Sheet? Organizations or companies want to know about the timings and presence of their staff. Enormous employees work in an organization. It is hard for all the employees to report about their in and out timing. Likewise,  it is hard for the employer to ask the timing from each employee. Hence, the most facilitating ways to address this issue is the use of time and attendance sheet. Company Details: Make your time and attendance sheet look professional by mentioning the company name on it. Mention it clearly and consider to display the company logo on it. Read more

Demand Request Order Form

What is Purchase Request Form? The purchase request form is a requisition letter or form which enables the employee to send a request for the required products, good or service. The requisition varies from company to company. A lab demonstrator would fill the purchase request form of the equipment or chemicals. Likewise, an IT industry would send the purchase request form of concerned products. It is a proper process of requesting for the products. Rather than a verbal request, companies should adopt the use of this professional document. Internal purchasing becomes streamlined through the request form. The form has following Read more

Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template

What is Profit And Loss Statement Template? The profit and loss statement is a significant document depicting the financial statement of the company. It represents the expenses and revenues of the company for a particular duration of time. All the revenues which have been converted to net income can be known by having a glimpse at the profit and loss template. Now, the measurement of revenues and company’s sale is not a trouble anymore. Get the instant recap of the company’s profit and loss of a specified period of time by preparing the profit and loss statement. Company Name And Period: Read more

Income Statement Template

What is Income Statement Template? An income statement is an important financial statement that provides the quick recap of the company performance over a specified time. This essential statement summarized the whole picture of business expenses and revenues. The income statement template can be formatted in various ways. It can be single-step income statement or the multi-step income statement. The company should use the sheet as per their convenience. The single step income statement exhibits all expenses and revenues while omitting the income tax expense. Both operating income and gross profit can be mentioned on a separate line in the Read more

Salary Slip Template

Salary is defined as the payment received by an employee for his services rendered during his/her course of employment. Salaries are given by an employer in the name of the organization the employee works for.A salary slip is a document showing all respective details and information regarding an employee’s salary.Apart from mentioning the company name at the topmost, salary slips enlist the following details respective of an employees working period: Employee name Employee ID Bank account number Email address Name of the bank where salary will be transferred Date of joining Department Designation of the employee. Team(If any) Furthermore, it Read more

Estimates Quotations and Tenders

A quotation is a just simple offer from the supplier which does not legally bind him. He is at liberty to withdraw the same thought he normally does not do so as otherwise, this will affect his reputation. It is, therefore, necessary that a quotation should be sent after a careful thought and should include the following: Whether or not the goods can be supplied in full, The price of the goods, Discount or commission, if any, Sales tax, duty or any other tax applicable, Any special offer, Mode of payment-direct/at sight, Date of delivery, Inclusion or exclusion of expenses Read more

Employee Work Calendars

Usually, in an organization, there are a large number of employees and they perform their work in different shifts. For example, some employees work in the morning and the others work in the evening, in other words; employees rotate in different shifts in a sequence throughout the year. Job rotation is an advanced technique of our era which helps in making employees more efficient and effectively making them do the work. Employees work calendars are designed mainly to sort out a few problems that an organization has to deal with.This calendar is the best way to ensure the job rotation and shift rotation to be done in Read more

The Art of Writing a Business Letters

In Order to write a good commercial letter, following principles should be carefully observed. The writer of the letter should clearly know in his mind what he wishes to convey to the reader. Each and every sentence should be clear in its expression so that there is no chance of ambiguousness. Each letter should be as brief as possible. The receiver does not have much time as he is to go through a number of letters every day. To be accurate is in your hands and an accurate statement is always appreciated by the reader. Be courteous and considerate. This Read more

Online Sales Tracker Template

An online sales tracking is a process that can help a user in keeping or tracking whole of the sales procedure. Every type of detail can be recorded in this tracking tool. If the record is kept properly, it can provide the clearest sales record one can get. It can become really challenging to organize big data sets, managing sales, or even merely keeping a track of profits and revenues.This may get difficult for big business houses especially that deal in many products. In a business, it isn’t easy to monitor everything every time. But if someone uses this online Read more

Marketing Plan Sheet Template

Every organization needs marketing to stand firm in the market. For this purpose, organizations use a marketing plan or strategy. The effective the plan is, the more are the chances of profit. A marketing plan, therefore, is an important document or draft that gives a detailed outline of all the marketing trends an organization will be following. The marketing plan will have the details of the future plan and it usually covers a period of one year. It also describes the activities that will be involved in accomplishing some specific marketing objectives within a time period. It has been observed that most Read more