Commission calculator Template

A commission is referred to as the fee paid by a business to a salesperson for his services rendered either to help facilitate or complete the sale. Commission rate is determined by the sales agreement. Typically the following factors are helpful in calculating commission. Commission rate: Obvious by its name, commission rate represents the percentage of the fixed amount of cash to be received duly for sales made. Commission basis: usually a commission amount is based upon the sales made but it may be based on another factor like net profit. Profit based commission is opted by business when they Read more

Sales Forecast Calculator

The sales forecast calculator helps the business determine not only their sales revenue but also the expected profits. These in turn help to manage the cash flow it works on a very simple principle, you just need to enter values for expected sales and overheads and determine the following: Gross profit Net sales Overheads total sales The sales forecast template is designed by professionals allowing business to easily get a printable version of it. The template helps in identifying projected sales both on the annual and quarterly basis. By knowing the sales revenue and profits business put themselves In a Read more

Amortization Calculator Excel Template

The term amortization is a process of paying off a debt. The debt must be paid over a long time period and should follow regular payments.An amortization schedule, on the other hand, is a table that gives details of each of the payment that has been paid off of the debt. The payments for this amortization schedule are calculated by using an amortization calculator. Taking a loan nowadays has become extremely common. Most often people do not hesitate in taking loans from more than one party. In such cases, the amortization calculator helps in keeping a track of payments. No matter how many loan one Read more

Calculator Templates

To ease the complexity of business dealings, calculators are serving their best to calculate business expenses and cost. Simple calculators are being used on-line for adding and subtracting receivable and payable amounts, however special finance-oriented calculators are also designed by software to minimize the glitches of financial calculations. These are a bit sophisticated then an ordinary calculator as it has tabs to calculate the grand total, percentage, sub total or tax rates. They have round-off functions and other user-friendly customized options to do the accounting and book keeping effortlessly. Not just for business ,these calculators are also helpful in other Read more

A Payroll Calculator

A Payroll Calculator is a used to calculate the payroll according to the Federal Tax Rules. It is a kind of a record sheet that helps in keeping the information regarding the pay of the employee. His /her increments or deductions in pay are all a part of it. All the personal or official information of the employee is also registered here, such as: The name of the employee His/her address joined the company The decided annual Date on which he/she salary by the employees Federal allowances Post-tax deductions Pretax holdings To collect the correct information about the payroll of Read more