Employee Time And Attendance Sheet Template

What is Time And Attendance Sheet? Organizations or companies want to know about the timings and presence of their staff. Enormous employees work in an organization. It is hard for all the employees to report about their in and out timing. Likewise,  it is hard for the employer to ask the timing from each employee. Hence, the most facilitating ways to address this issue is the use of time and attendance sheet. Company Details: Make your time and attendance sheet look professional by mentioning the company name on it. Mention it clearly and consider to display the company logo on it. Read more

Salary Slip Template

Salary is defined as the payment received by an employee for his services rendered during his/her course of employment. Salaries are given by an employer in the name of the organization the employee works for.A salary slip is a document showing all respective details and information regarding an employee’s salary.Apart from mentioning the company name at the topmost, salary slips enlist the following details respective of an employees working period: Employee name Employee ID Bank account number Email address Name of the bank where salary will be transferred Date of joining Department Designation of the employee. Team(If any) Furthermore, it Read more

Employee Leave Planner Excel Templates

Nowadays, in every organization, each employee has been awarded a quota of leaves in a year. So, it is much better for the organization if it plans, in advance, regarding its employee leaves so the minimum numbers of employees should always be present to run the organization. In this way, organizational activities do not have any interruption and organization works smoothly. That’s why employee leave planner template is very much required and needed in any organization. In the template years and months are mentioned at the top. This template is designed in a very presentable way. It contains rows and Read more

Employee Work Calendars

Usually, in an organization, there are a large number of employees and they perform their work in different shifts. For example, some employees work in the morning and the others work in the evening, in other words; employees rotate in different shifts in a sequence throughout the year. Job rotation is an advanced technique of our era which helps in making employees more efficient and effectively making them do the work. Employees work calendars are designed mainly to sort out a few problems that an organization has to deal with.This calendar is the best way to ensure the job rotation and shift rotation to be done in Read more

Job Description Form Templates

A job description document is a tool that is used in offices. It gives the details of the job and the specific requirements and responsibilities in particular. Usually, it is handed over to the person as soon as he joins the new job. This not only helps the person in understanding his duties well but also helps the organization in holding him answerable. A job description documents contain details of the specific job duties and skills that are required to the performthe role of that person. In general, this document also includes a list of common tasks or the day-to-day Read more

Job Recommendation Letters Templates

The Job recommendation letter is more generally known as a letter of reference. These letters are often used and required in an application process for jobs. Other than that, it could be used for college entry and scholarships. These recommendation letters as the name suggest works for recommending a certain person to the company or college as fit for the post or vacancy. The letter is basically written by someone who is on some high post and can declare a person eligible for a vacancy. That means it cannot be written by the applicant himself or anyone too close to Read more

Employee Memo Template

We know that the world has become too fast and people have started relying on internet and technology even more than before. But this is also a reality that most often, emails go to the spam folder and there is a higher risk of missing an email than missing written messages. For this purpose, many organizations still use memos or memorandums when they want to communicate internally in the office. If you are thinking that writing a memo is a tiring thing to do then do not worry. Employee memo templates have made lives a lot easier. A memo or Read more

Employee Attendance Tracker Sheet

An employee attendance tracker allows the office manager to track the attendance and working hours of an employee. As the name signifies, it is a way of tracking or keeping the record of their attendance. This excellent tool is usually used in small to medium-sized enterprises, however, it can also be used in other industries as well. As it allows employees and employers to view the history of the working hours, so this proves to be an amazing tool overall. A lot of companies, irrespective of the sizes, keeps track of the attendance of employees mainly because they have policies Read more

Time Sheet Log

Time Sheet is a method used to log time spent by the employees at work to assist payroll calculation. It usually records hours worked, overtime, sick leaves, vacations and holidays making it convenient for the employer to manage report and track the performance of the employee against the task or project assigned to them. Different timesheet software allows you to track record anywhere and with any device. Moreover, whenever any employer is estimating the new project’s cost, time sheets help him to review the past performance that has completed his time sheet that benefits him to hire efficient workers. This tool works best for the organizations that are rather small in size. In this way, the businesses feel it more comfortable and easier in tracking employee Read more

Job Application Tracker Timeline

In this competitive world, everyone wants to get a better job in every sense possible. For this purpose, each candidate applies for many positions at once. Whatever skill they have they want it to utilize it and take it to the professional level. This means there are a lot of things to consider before, during and after the process of applying. If a person wishes to keep a track of all the applications put forward and he wants to make the best use of his time, he must follow a job application tracker timeline. This timeline enables the user to Read more