Employee Work Calendars

Usually, in an organization, there are a large number of employees and they perform their work in different shifts. For example, some employees work in the morning and the others work in the evening, in other words; employees rotate in different shifts in a sequence throughout the year. Job rotation is an advanced technique of our era which helps in making employees more efficient and effectively making them do the work. Employees work calendars are designed mainly to sort out a few problems that an organization has to deal with.This calendar is the best way to ensure the job rotation and shift rotation to be done in Read more

Meal Planner Calendar

Usually, we plan a lot of things in advance like vacations, budget or even the upcoming events, but have you ever tried planning the meals in advance? Yes, people all around the globe use this crazy method of planning their meals for a week or even a month beforehand. This method not only allows the user to adopt healthy habits but also get relieved from thinking of what to cook every day. If a person wants to get benefited from this method, he needs to use a menu calendar. This menu calendar bears all the meals the user has to Read more

Online Sales Tracker Template

An online sales tracking is a process that can help a user in keeping or tracking whole of the sales procedure. Every type of detail can be recorded in this tracking tool. If the record is kept properly, it can provide the clearest sales record one can get. It can become really challenging to organize big data sets, managing sales, or even merely keeping a track of profits and revenues.This may get difficult for big business houses especially that deal in many products. In a business, it isn’t easy to monitor everything every time. But if someone uses this online Read more

Marketing Plan Sheet Template

Every organization needs marketing to stand firm in the market. For this purpose, organizations use a marketing plan or strategy. The effective the plan is, the more are the chances of profit. A marketing plan, therefore, is an important document or draft that gives a detailed outline of all the marketing trends an organization will be following. The marketing plan will have the details of the future plan and it usually covers a period of one year. It also describes the activities that will be involved in accomplishing some specific marketing objectives within a time period. It has been observed that most Read more

Vendor Comparison List Template

A vendor is an individual or company that provides either services or products to other individual or organizations. The term vendor is also used for the same purpose. The consumer or user, on the other hand, is the one who buys these services or products from the vendor. The process of buying, however, is a detailed one. It is spread over many steps. The whole process can be influenced by a lot of factors. After studying the consumer behavior or the market trend, a company would want to place the necessary order. For this purpose, usually, an ad is placed Read more

Amortization Calculator Excel Template

The term amortization is a process of paying off a debt. The debt must be paid over a long time period and should follow regular payments.An amortization schedule, on the other hand, is a table that gives details of each of the payment that has been paid off of the debt. The payments for this amortization schedule are calculated by using an amortization calculator. Taking a loan nowadays has become extremely common. Most often people do not hesitate in taking loans from more than one party. In such cases, the amortization calculator helps in keeping a track of payments. No matter how many loan one Read more

Employee Attendance Tracker Sheet

An employee attendance tracker allows the office manager to track the attendance and working hours of an employee. As the name signifies, it is a way of tracking or keeping the record of their attendance. This excellent tool is usually used in small to medium-sized enterprises, however, it can also be used in other industries as well. As it allows employees and employers to view the history of the working hours, so this proves to be an amazing tool overall. A lot of companies, irrespective of the sizes, keeps track of the attendance of employees mainly because they have policies Read more

Time Sheet Log

Time Sheet is a method used to log time spent by the employees at work to assist payroll calculation. It usually records hours worked, overtime, sick leaves, vacations and holidays making it convenient for the employer to manage report and track the performance of the employee against the task or project assigned to them. Different timesheet software allows you to track record anywhere and with any device. Moreover, whenever any employer is estimating the new project’s cost, time sheets help him to review the past performance that has completed his time sheet that benefits him to hire efficient workers. This tool works best for the organizations that are rather small in size. In this way, the businesses feel it more comfortable and easier in tracking employee Read more

Rate Card Template

The idea of using a rate sheet template started after the people felt a great need for it. Everyone felt that there needs to be a tool that would help the managers to save their time and they can easily somehow calculate the salary of employees using different rates. And the need was right, as the rate card was introduced, the businesspersons loved it ever since and use it in their workings like nothing else. Their use, appreciation, and significance match none other. It is very common for companies to offer different pay rate to each of the employees. The Read more

Project Timeline Template

No one is unfamiliar with the word timeline. Timelines are used almost everywhere now and it serves an easier way to understand the trend of things. In the professional world, it is a common practice to ask for proper timelines which can be used in presentations in meetings. For this purpose, a good and well-prepared timeline can simply steal the show. It can not only impress the colleagues but will also make a great impact on the clients. Timelines are most frequently used for educational purposes in order to assist the students and the researchers to easily understand the pattern Read more