General Log Book

The general logbook is simply used for different purposes, such as to record the details of trucking, fishing, ships, piloting, scuba diving, amateur radio, etc. There are different uses of a general logbook, because you can write the details of people coming to meet on a regular basis. The general logbook template is designed to fulfill your different needs. It is important to keep at the entry gate, or the reception area of different organizations. It is essential for the gatekeeper or the receptionist to write the details of every meeting in the logbook for future references. There are different Read more

Home Loan Comparison Sheet

Every parent has a desire to give a convenient life to their kids; therefore they try to build a dream house for them. If you have no savings to build a new house, then do not worry because you can get a home loan to build a house just like your dreams. You can get a loan by mortgaging your expensive car, or any other expensive item to get a mortgage or home loan. Every bank offers the facility of home loan and you can make a comparison with the help of home loan comparison sheet. You may get a Read more

Activity Planner Template

The coming year of 2018  will surely be the more advanced and busy year but to bring order in it and to achieve many of your goals it is necessary that you do some planning. Planning of the next year will bring you to the point where you will have to decide whether there are some events or important date coming up for which you have to prepare. Plus if you have some goals then planning for it and to take it step by step is also necessary. These all things bring you to one point and that is devising Read more

Billing Invoice Statement

An invoice is a document that proves a transaction between the buyer and the seller. A billing Invoice helps both the buyer and the seller to note down the purchases that have taken place, it is used for documentation and proof of sale. If in the future, there is a litigation or some kind of misunderstanding between both the parties, the invoice acts as a proof and is recognized by the court as well. An invoice starts off by the name of the business and organization on the top along with contact details such as the address and contact number Read more

House Maintenance List Template

Task Lists There are a number of household chores and tasks that cannot be performed on daily basis. Because of the business of the human lifestyle, you need to schedule some of the household tasks for monthly or six monthly time periods. These may include simple servicing or cleaning tasks or some parts replacement or even simple maintenance tasks. Some of these maintenance tasks and chores are so urgent and immediate that they cannot be postponed for a month or a week and not even for a few days. For example if there is a leakage in the plumbing pipes Read more

Professional Development Training Log

Training and development is an important part of your life, because you have to attend different training for your career improvement. In order to keep the track of each training the training log is usually used. There are different types of training, and you can record each and every type of training in the log. In an organization, the training is arranged by the company, because it is really hard for the new employees to easily adjust in the environment of the office, and the training helps them to understand the environment of the office and other employees. It is Read more