Mileage Log Template

Mileage log is a simple log book that will have a complete record of the user’s driving. This is needed when the user wants to claim deductions from the taxes based on the driving or journey. This log book is sometimes needed by IRS for better controlling of the taxes and its calculation. Many business owners are now able to take away the expenses linked to their automobile, like expenses of its repairs and specially the miles it has driven altogether or within a set time period. In order to truly claim deductions on the tax returns, the user should Read more

Logbook with Budget Comparison

It is good to set up your income and expense account in a general ledger, because it will help you in many ways. You can include different types of expenses, including charitable and sponsorship expenses. The general logbook is an easy way to have your budget comparison, as you will get a monthly summary of the income and expenses. Ledger is an important business document to mention the incomes and expenses of the business. You can enter every cash transaction to know about the cash inflow and outflow of the business. Mention everything in the sheet to check either everything Read more

Daily Work Log Template

Daily Work Log Template is used to note down works you do on daily basis. All the important tasks are filled in the template for your own convenience. It works as a calendar for you making you remember about various daily tasks. It tracts all the activities on regular basis. The daily tasks that can be: Outlining your official assignment Making an alert of your pick and drop services Scheduling formal/informal meetings in a written form Planning house tasks like laundry or cleaning Writing the payments of bills Travelling plans Your writing should be need and tidy while filling the Read more

Equipment Maintenance Log

Several types of equipment is used on and off and therefore, it need maintenance. A record need to be maintained regarding all the equipment that are to be used by a company. Most of these are costly. Equipment Maintenance Log also tells about the cost of each piece of equipment. Storage or Maintenance sheets helps keeping a record of them. The equipment officer decides about the maintenance that may be needed. He can access about when the maintenance is needed by the number of hours it was used before. Each time after the maintenance, the equipment maintenance officer need to Read more

Petty Cash Log

Those who are running businesses or any company or organization know the value of petty cash very well. Petty need to be monitored carefully in an organization. It is important to maintain a record of it. As it is a small proportion of money so keeping a record of it a little difficult thing to do and requires effort. It is normally used for emergency expenses in an organization. It is usually kept in an office or in the reception. Use of petty cash Its uses in normal routine are: It is used to buy minor items like snacks at Read more

Discounted cash flow Log

Discounted cash flow analysis is an important method to find out the value of project, assets and company through a concept of the time value of money. The statement helps you to estimate future cash flows and discounted present values. It is a widely used method in the exponential discounting. It is an important method; therefore all organizations prefer to prepare a cash flow statement. The companies find it significant to prepare the statement, because they work mutually for the smooth running of business in the future. For your convenience, the discounted cash flow template is designed. It is easy Read more

Meal Planner Log Template

Writing a meal log every day doesn’t sound tempting because you never want to record what you eat in a day. You just want to enjoy the taste of your meal .But in some cases noting your daily meal amount and type become obligatory. These are the fitness area where you are involved in a fitness plan or secondly if you are suffering from a food-oriented disease for example Diabetes then also a meal log will help you to analyze your health condition. Maintaining a meal log on routine basis will help ordinary individuals who are calorie conscious as it Read more

General Log Book

The general logbook is simply used for different purposes, such as to record the details of trucking, fishing, ships, piloting, scuba diving, amateur radio, etc. There are different uses of a general logbook, because you can write the details of people coming to meet on a regular basis. The general logbook template is designed to fulfill your different needs. It is important to keep at the entry gate, or the reception area of different organizations. It is essential for the gatekeeper or the receptionist to write the details of every meeting in the logbook for future references. There are different Read more

House Maintenance List Template

Task Lists There are a number of household chores and tasks that cannot be performed on daily basis. Because of the business of the human lifestyle, you need to schedule some of the household tasks for monthly or six monthly time periods. These may include simple servicing or cleaning tasks or some parts replacement or even simple maintenance tasks. Some of these maintenance tasks and chores are so urgent and immediate that they cannot be postponed for a month or a week and not even for a few days. For example if there is a leakage in the plumbing pipes Read more

Professional Development Training Log

Training and development is an important part of your life, because you have to attend different training for your career improvement. In order to keep the track of each training the training log is usually used. There are different types of training, and you can record each and every type of training in the log. In an organization, the training is arranged by the company, because it is really hard for the new employees to easily adjust in the environment of the office, and the training helps them to understand the environment of the office and other employees. It is Read more