Warning Notice To Employee Template

For an HR manager, it is extremely important to ensure the decorum and environment of an office intact. They are also responsible for maintaining the code of conduct. For this purpose, they are sometimes expected to issue a warning letter to employees as well. Warning letters can be issued for a variety of reasons. A few may be, a warning letter to the employees in case of disparity, on any breach of official policy or even for not following the timings. This warning letter is extremely important as if the management wants to fire someone and do not issue a warning Read more

Notice To Vacate

Notice to vacate is issued by the landlord in case of the end of the agreement with the tenant or in some situations; it is also issued when the landlord feels that the tenant is not following the rules and regulations of the agreement of tenancy. The tenant is usually given 30 days to vacate the premises. This duration also varies from person to person. This notice to vacate must be sent to the tenant through the registered post or it can be given in his hand just to ensure that the intended person has received the notice. The notice Read more

Eviction Notice 

Like a landlord, you may need to evict a renter for one reason or another. Usually regarded the first step in the procedure, an Eviction Notice informs renters to leave the property. Using an Eviction Notice makes sure that the procedure goes efficiently so that both you and your renters can move on, while also developing a history of your eviction efforts in case you need to engage in further legal actions. Make use of an Eviction Notice: If you are a landlord and you want to cancel the tenancy and take away the present tenant(s) from your property If Read more