Billing and statements sample letters

Enclosing a Receipt Letter Date day/month/year Messrs XYZ & Sons, City, State Dear Sirs, We thank you very much for your letter dated [date] along with your cheque for $ 8990 and have pleasure in enclosing our official receipt for the same Yours faithfully, For ABC Industries Accounts Officer Encl: Receipt Preview Sample Enclosing a Receipt Letter Download Letter to Purchaser about Return of Documents from His Bankers Date day/month/year Dear Sirs, In compliance with your order no. 784 dated [date], we sent the goods per passenger train and forwarded the documents to your bankers on 11th July. A copy of Read more

Invoice and Statement Letters

Invoice Correction Letter Date: Dear Sirs, We regret very much to say that an error in our bill no. 5544 dated [date] has just come to our knowledge. The correct price of [Product name] is $ 350 and not $ 200 as mentioned. We are therefore enclosing our fresh bill. Please treat the earlier bill as canceled and remit us the amount according to this bill, when due. Thank you, Yours faithfully, Preview Invoice Correction Letter Download Difference in Discount Letter with Reply Date: Dear Sirs, We are in receipt of your invoice no. S/7 dated [date], for $ 8849. Read more

Bills and Statement Letters

All bills/invoice should be sent as promptly as possible. This enables the buyer to: Check the goods or services rendered Make an entry in his accounts; and Arrange for an early payment. Similarly, all statements of accounts should be submitted at regular intervals so that the buyer knows the amount due. Bills and statements must be thoroughly checked before dispatch so that the accuracy is maintained at its maximum. Preview Sample Direct Invoice to Customer Download Sending a Bill Direct / Sending a Direct Invoice to Customer Company Name City, State Registered Date: Messrs Company Name City, State Dear Sirs, Read more

Demand Request Order Form

What is Purchase Request Form? The purchase request form is a requisition letter or form which enables the employee to send a request for the required products, good or service. The requisition varies from company to company. A lab demonstrator would fill the purchase request form of the equipment or chemicals. Likewise, an IT industry would send the purchase request form of concerned products. It is a proper process of requesting for the products. Rather than a verbal request, companies should adopt the use of this professional document. Internal purchasing becomes streamlined through the request form. The form has following Read more

Complaint Letters For Damaged Goods

1.Complaining Receipt of Wrong Goods Date: Dear Sir, On opening cases of nails and screws, we find that none of the quantities, size or shapes corresponds with our order dated ______, nor do they correspond with the invoice sent by you with your letter dated [date].  Evidently, you have sent us wrong goods which have caused us great inconvenience as we do not deal with this line of goods at all. We, therefore, request you to please wire us immediately and let us know when we may expect the correct goods. Meanwhile, we are holding this consignment with us. Yours Read more

Complaint Letters for Poor Quality Goods

1.Complaint about a Guaranteed Article Company Name City, State, Postal Code Date: M/s XYZ & Sons Co., City, State, Postal Code Dear Sirs, I request to inform you that [Product Name Here] which I purchased from you against your cash memo no. 1826 dated [date]. Has gone out of order, the [Product Name Here] is guaranteed for a period of one year as per your guarantee card no. 865 dated [date], I would like the [Product Name Here] to be either replaced or repaired and shall be glad to have your positive reply. Yours faithfully, Reply To Above XYZ & Read more

Complaint Letters about Receipt Issue of Goods

A letter of complaint is generally intended to get better goods, better service or some adjustment in the invoice. It is therefore in your own interest that you should be polite and courteous in your letter. At the same time, you should clearly state your point of fact as also the way you like to have the adjustments made. Rest assured, a friendly and courteous letter will get most of what you want. 1.Complaint regarding non-Receipt of Goods Date: Dear Sirs, Sub: Your Bill No. 3849 dated [date] for $s 3899 We released your above documents on [Date]. Since then Read more

Order Cancellation Letters to Supplier

  1.Order Cancellation Letter Date: Dear Sirs, Please cancel orders No. 837. We regret very much to say that we have had to cancel our order no 837 which we placed through your reprehensive on [Date]. This necessity has arisen as our storekeeper who was on leave on [date], did not make an entry for 120 boxes which we received on [date] and thus the stock register did not show the correct position when our purchasing officer placed the order under reference. We may, therefore, not require any supplies for another two months. We assure you that when the occasion Read more

Vehicle Appraisal Form

Vehicle appraisal is a process by which the current market value of a particular vehicle is accessed by virtue of considering the following factors like cars age, its mileage, and Vintage. Car appraisal makes you as a consumer decides on whether to exchange, sell or buy a new car for yourself. Appraisals are generally carried out by an authorized person. It includes information on: Cars model Type of car The condition of an engine Appraisal should be carried out by some authority which is ascertained with the insurance company procedures so as to determine the exact value of the vehicle Read more

Rental Verification Request Form

Renting an apartment or flat can at times be tiresome. It is not only difficult process for a tenant but also for the landlord especially when dealing with a totally unknown party.Not only would you need to prove that you have a sound financial status but also demonstrate that you are morally and socially responsible citizen. Landlords use the rental verification form to screen tenants who are not only of sound character but also socially and morally responsible for being a tenant. Rental applications provide landlords with information regarding your income, your present financial status, previous rental history which would Read more