Catering Order Form

Not just registered the business and the one that has a strong pillar base but the home running business also need to be registered legally. It has been noticed that crime rate is directly proportional to smart rate. The more the opportunities/ideas the bigger/twisted the situation is to find out the error in the case of any legal matter. The government has drawn a limit to every access. It is not difficult to start a business unless you have a good plan and you are all done with the legal registration process. Once you did that the game is all yours.

Well, what after registration? publicity no denial. When you are running a small business when you have to deal with customers and no the whole organization then at that point you should have a form that is going to help you meet up their expectation.

The key focus of the catering form:

The main agenda of the form is for both purpose, first, it helps the customer and gives them a satisfactory hint that they are linked with the responsible organization and secondly that it helps the workers to have every possible detail in just one piece of note.

What are the details in the form?

The form is printed on one side of the page and companies add different details according to their will. The general pattern of the form is quite similar to each other

Name                                First name:                                                last name:

Phone number                area code:                phone number:

Email address:

Date of catering (including the day, month and year)

A number of guests:

Time to begin the setup and the overall duration:

Then there is the whole offer of foods provided by the company according to its desire.

The order runs in line starting from:



Main course


Party trays: such as how much cutlery and crockery is required

Drinks: quantity and quality of the drink


In other precise words, the material you offer is what you mention on the form. The form could be brief and could be clear and précis depends on your choice then there is the button called the submit button.

You can send a physical for to the client or he can fill it online.


Catering Order Form


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