Customer’s Feedback Form

If you are running a retail shop then it is very useful for you to collect the customer’s opinion to improve your business. This feedback will tell you about the things that can be improved and the things that are helpful for the success of the business you are running. It is a kind of survey that can be conducted to help you run a fair business.

This feedback form contain questions like:

  • How often does the store have what you want in your stock?
  • How fair are the prices you are offering?
  • Is there a broad selection available?
  • How often do you use store coupon’s
  • How often are the coupon’s helpful
  • Are the employees’ helpful.
  • How friendly are they employees?
  • How clean is the store that you have?
  • How fair is the stores return policy?
  • How effective the store is in solving the problems faced by the customers?
  • Are you satisfied with the services provided by the store?

All these sort of questions are important and helpful for the prosperity of your business. You can try to solve issues that are affecting your business, if any. The questions discussed above must be given with options that can help the customers to fill up the form easily and quickly. It won’t be a boring survey for the customers to fill. To get the customer’s feedback form, you need to download one from the net. There are many available that carries questions according to your choice.


Customer feedback form


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