Diet And Exercise Log Template

Make your new fitness plan and exercise log using Sample Diet Exercise Log Template:

After development of a new fitness plan, it is really difficult to gauge your progress and effectiveness of the plan. You have to keep a consistent eye on the results of your plan with the help of diet exercise log. It is an effective way to record your results and feel the changes of your body with the passage of time. You have to keep track of your eating and drinking habits on a regular basis to find out the actual calorie count of the day.

It will help you to evaluate either you have to increase your calorie intake, or cut it down out of your diet. You can write about healthy foods, and general nutritional information for each meal. Just download it, set your weight loss goals and write about your daily food intake and exercise data.

Make the Diet Exercise Log Template Useful for You

  • It is really hard to stay in shape, because we have a comfortable lifestyle due to lots of technology intervention in our lives. People often opt for dieting and exercise to reduce their weight, but a health instructor is always required to achieve your goal.
  • You can use diet exercise log template as your instructor, because you are free to add your exercise routine and regular diet in it. In order to achieve your goal, you have to burn excessive amounts of calories via workout, like running, cycling and weight lifting.
  • Keep a complete record of your food and exercise so that you can eat less and work out more to burn the maximum amount of calories.

Here is preview and link given to download sample diet exercise log template for free.

This Sample Diet Exercise Log Template is Microsoft Excel file that consists of three sheets. It facilitate user to deal with GOALS, DIET and EXERCISE schedule differently.


You will use this sheet to set your goals of losing weight. Mention your start and end date at specified place. You can also write your start weight and projected deduced weight. Keep follow your exercise routine along with studying DIETARY ANALYSIS and EXERCISE ANALYSIS.


This sheet deal with managing with your DIET and take care of what you need to intake. You can follow in detail what are you eating corresponds to how much calories.


Use this sheet to set your exercise goals that can burn some targeted calories. Different workouts are given to burn particular amount of calories.


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Diet and Exercise Log


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