Employee Absence Record Worksheet

The employee absence record template consists of the data related to employees. It has a tracker that has divisions and sub-divisions. Since the companies do not have enough time to keep a track of everything so an already made template is used that can easily be found on the internet. It keeps a yearly record of the employee’s attendance. Incentives like bonuses for the employees are also given to motivate them to work and not to take leaves unreasonably.

An extra amount is also paid if the allocated leaves are not availed that boosts the spirits of the workers. A template is a practical way to mark the leaves and to keep a track record of the employee’s absence schedule.  A special department is employed for this purpose in the company.

They keep a record of the leaves taken per month and determine the amount to be paid after deducting all the leaves taken. The template has the name of the employee in front of which all the details regarding the hours on leave and the sick hours are added. Sometimes the complete salary is given to the employ as the leaves taken by him/her is through proper channel. Some employees tend to take leaves more than acceptable by the company. In that case, the company has every right to terminate those employees and the employee absence record sheet is a proof of his/ her non-serious attitude towards work.

Make sure that they are not absent unnecessarily without genuine reason. To maintain the record of the absence schedule of the employee, we can easily upload a template online


Employee Absence Record Worksheet


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