Equipment Maintenance Log

Several types of equipment is used on and off and therefore, it need maintenance. A record need to be maintained regarding all the equipment that are to be used by a company. Most of these are costly. Equipment Maintenance Log also tells about the cost of each piece of equipment. Storage or Maintenance sheets helps keeping a record of them.

The equipment officer decides about the maintenance that may be needed. He can access about when the maintenance is needed by the number of hours it was used before. Each time after the maintenance, the equipment maintenance officer need to keep the record by filling in the details about the equipment used and for how long. The equipment used must be discussed during staff meetings with the description of their present condition.

How much supply is needed or when does the equipment need to be replaced. The record sheet must be checked regularly. It is very important for a company or a laboratory to keep a record of every piece of equipment in its best condition to assure that it can be used for a longer period of time.

The template for this is in the form of a spreadsheet. Containing all the columns necessary to fill in to keep a maintenance record. A maintenance log is filled every time after the work order is placed.

The things that need to filled are:

  • The description of the work, the equipment is used for
  • Time taken by the labor at the rate of
  • Quantity of the material used, its unit price and amount
  • Total materials used
  • The tax


Equipment maintenance log


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