Eviction Notice 

Like a landlord, you may need to evict a renter for one reason or another. Usually regarded the first step in the procedure, an Eviction Notice informs renters to leave the property. Using an Eviction Notice makes sure that the procedure goes efficiently so that both you and your renters can move on, while also developing a history of your eviction efforts in case you need to engage in further legal actions.

Make use of an Eviction Notice:

  • If you are a landlord and you want to cancel the tenancy and take away the present tenant(s) from your property
  • If you own or run a rental property and want your renters to either solution their violation of lease provision or move out.

An Eviction Notice is often the first step of the eviction procedure. In your notice, you will need to add the key reason you’re evicting the renter such as failing to pay rent for several months and whether the renter can solution the violation. If you appear versatile, the legal courts may look more please on your claim during the procedure. Normally, renters are given 1 month to fix the problem at which point you can contact off the eviction.

If your renter doesn’t rectify the problem, your Eviction Notice is the first step. Even though it varies based upon where you live, you will finally end up in court. The judge will decide if you have a claim and the renter will be given a limited time frame to leave the exact property. In Florida, for example, this is usually 5 days after the judge’s judgment.


Eviction Notice


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