Executive summary template 

The reason of the executive summary is to describe the key features of your business in a way that will make reader desire to understand more. However, it must also consist of enough details that traders can see the prospective behind your business without reading the whole plan.

In a standard business strategy with a typical executive summary, the first passage of your executive summary should in general include your business’s name, business’s location, what service or product you sell, and the objective of your plan.

How extensive should an executive summary be ?

By no means waste words in executive summary. Experts vary on how long an executive summary should be at some persist that it takes just a page, others suggest a more in depth summary taking as much as ten pages, covering enough information to alternative for the plan itself but; although 50+ page strategic plans used to be common, traders and creditors these days expect a brief, targeted plan.

The most excellent length for an executive summary is just a single page. Give emphasis to the main points of your plan and make it brief. You are drawing in your readers into reading more of the plan, by not explaining each detail of your business.

Don’t mystify an executive summary with the summary memo. An executive summary is the first chapter in a plan of a business. The summary memo is most definitely a separate document, usually only 4 to 8 pages at most which are used to alternate for the business plan with people who are not interested to see the whole plan so far.


Executive summary template


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