Hotel Accommodation Survey Form 

The hotel industry has its own position in our lives for the reason that it allows us to complete our work in far away and unusual areas. As there are lots of hotels everywhere so people have enormous options to choose one best hotel for them because of accommodation facilities. Client support has key place in the hotel industry as the visitors usually interact with the employees of the hotel on regular basis according to their number of needs.

If you would like to run your hotel business successfully then actually you will need to make your hotel fit with the requirements of clients, locations, accommodations and price range. If you want to know about the pros and cons of your hotel then get opinions of your client. Hotel visitors will like to write down online reviews so it will be an excellent way to get opinions of your guests with the help of an accommodation survey.

Contents of Accommodation Survey

The accommodation survey must contain all crucial inquiries to rate current solutions of your hotel and to bring enhancement in the services you provide on the basis of survey results. It will be better to include a variety of questions similar to:

  • Dealings of guest staff, availability of security and housekeeping staff
  • Overall experience of client at your hotel
  • Accurateness of reservation records
  • Politeness and time efficiency of check-in and check-out process
  • Cleanliness, calm and interiors of the guest rooms
  • Excellence and taste of food as well as room service
  • Excellence and availability of hotel amenities like pool, hot bath, gym, and sauna

You can add more questions in an accommodation survey to get complete outline of services of your hotel.


Hotel accommodation survey form


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