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There are a number of household chores and tasks that cannot be performed on daily basis. Because of the business of the human lifestyle, you need to schedule some of the household tasks for monthly or six monthly time periods.

These may include simple servicing or cleaning tasks or some parts replacement or even simple maintenance tasks. Some of these maintenance tasks and chores are so urgent and immediate that they cannot be postponed for a month or a week and not even for a few days. For example if there is a leakage in the plumbing pipes or there is a problem with the heating or cooling system, it requires to be taken care of on immediate basis.

However in a lifestyle and society of family orientation you also need to give time to your family members and other social priorities. So you cannot at all times be involved in maintenance and servicing tasks or household duties. You need to spare sometime for your social obligations as well. For this purpose you can schedule your household responsibilities and duties on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The House Maintenance List Template can prove to be a very useful tool in this regard. All you need to do is add the required household tasks to your house maintenance list and review it daily to see which tasks are urgent and need to be accomplished on top priority. This will help you manage your time and organize your resources as well.

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