Motor vehicle bill of sale 

A bill of sale is an essential part of any vehicle sale; nevertheless, it is not the only thing you’ll need to think about.

  • No deal is last until you complete a title exchange. Without this progression finished, the vender might be subject for fines and infringement related with the auto.
  • As a purchaser, BE SMART. Try not to get burdened with a lemon. Request a vehicle history audit to know for particular you’re purchasing a diamond.

In view of the state you live in, your state’s engine vehicle division may require you to get a bill of offer OR it might be discretionary. Regardless of it being required or not, a bill of offer can be a vital part of any vehicle exchange for each; the purchaser and the merchant. Who will need a bill of sale?

No matter if you are the seller or the buyer of the vehicle, you must never walk away from the transaction without having a copy of the bill of sale. If you do not get a copy signed by the two parties at the time of the sale, you leave yourself open to legal problems or other issues down the line.

Your bill of sale will usually include details about the transaction, such as:

  • The county and state in which the vehicle was sold
  • An explanation of the vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Any warranty that may have been settled upon
  • The final sale price of the vehicle
  • The name of the seller and the buyer


Motor vehicle bill of sale


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