New Company Setup Checklist

The purpose of designing the company setup checklist is to remind you of all those tasks which you have to perform while setting up a new company or a business. Dividing the tasks into small manageable chunks and then adding them to the checklist makes it easy to handle the complexities which a person faces during the start-up process.

While you are deciding to make a checklist, the first thing that is confusing you is to know the starting point. The type of the company must be known and now it is time for you to establish it. For this purpose, first of all you will have to write a well organised business plan. The business plan includes all those activities which you should perform to make your company set up completely.

The biggest advantage of using the checklist is that you never forget even small details about the process which you want to carry out. The checklist enables you to complete all the formalities which would have otherwise caused serious problems.

The checklist should be designed according to the importance of each task to be performed. For example, the most important part for setting up the company is to choose a name for it and get it registered. Such details should be given top position in the checklist and other details which you think are not important can be written below. The date and the day should also be mentioned in the checklist so that you can know how much time can you take to set up a company.




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