Notice To Vacate

Notice to vacate is issued by the landlord in case of the end of the agreement with the tenant or in some situations; it is also issued when the landlord feels that the tenant is not following the rules and regulations of the agreement of tenancy. The tenant is usually given 30 days to vacate the premises. This duration also varies from person to person.

This notice to vacate must be sent to the tenant through the registered post or it can be given in his hand just to ensure that the intended person has received the notice. The notice should directly address the tenant so make a clear statement to the tenant.

The notice to vacate should also include the specific and solid reasons for which you want the tenant to vacate your premises. The landlord should sign the notice to authenticate the notice. It should also the number of days or months which are given to tenant to vacate. For clarity, the date at which the premises should be vacated by the tenant, should also be mentioned in the notice to vacate.

Notice to vacate is a legal document which increases the value of the document. Remember that the notice should follow all the points of the agreement which you signed with the tenant. For example, if in the agreement, it was mentioned that the notice to vacate will be given two months before, then you can’t send notice to the tenant to vacate your premises.




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