Payment Voucher Template

Payment is a document which is used to keep track of the payment of any product or goods. It is considered a very important part of selling and buying. This voucher is a legal voucher which also protects both buyer and seller from future disputes by recording the money that was paid. It is the best tool which is used by most of the business persons these days to keep track of all incoming and outgoing payments in an organised way.

The payment vouchers are also used by the companies who want to give discount to their customers. Some companies also use these vouchers to increase the sale of the company. The information about the payment which is to be paid is written in the voucher is the main part of the payment voucher. There is no fixed format of the voucher. It may vary from company to company.

The voucher is also used to approve that the certain amount of money has been paid.It is actually the written proof of the payment which has been made. Amount which has been paid, the date of payment, the mode used for payment, all the details about the payer and payee are the main components of the payment voucher.

The signatures of the concerned parties are also included in the voucher. If the voucher belongs to a specific company, then the logo of the company is also added on the top of the voucher. It is no doubt an official statement of the transaction between two parties.


Payment voucher template


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