Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template

What is Profit And Loss Statement Template?
The profit and loss statement is a significant document depicting the financial statement of the company. It represents the expenses and revenues of the company for a particular duration of time. All the revenues which have been converted to net income can be known by having a glimpse at the profit and loss template. Now, the measurement of revenues and company’s sale is not a trouble anymore. Get the instant recap of the company’s profit and loss of a specified period of time by preparing the profit and loss statement.

Company Name And Period:
Mention the full name of the company along with the logo of it on the profit and loss statement. It must be visible and clear. Do mention the title of the profit and loss statement The profit and loss statement is prepared for a specific duration of time. Mention that duration on under the title of template and company name. Examining the financial status becomes easy through profit and loss statement. Determine how much progress a company is making with the services and products.


All the expenses made by the company for a specific duration are mentioned in this financial
statement. The whole expenses incurred by the company should be displayed with the name and amount. It can be operating expense, interest expense, and EBIT. The operating expense includes rent, salaries, utilities, depreciation, and taxes.


Mention the detail of the revenues generated by the company. The revenues include gross profit and costs of goods sold. Besides revenue, do mention the number of earnings per share (EPS). The financial health of the company can be estimated through the use of profit or loss template. The higher value of bonds and shares depicts the rapid and good growth of the firm.

Designing Of Profit And Loss Statement Template:

One must consider the simplicity while designing the profit and loss template. Mention all the mandatory fields in it such as assets, liabilities, net income, revenues, shares etc. The more simple and easy to handle it would be, the more usable it would become. MS. Excel is used for the preparation of this financial statement.


Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template


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