Promotion Recommendation Letters

Who doesn’t need promotion? Of course, a very simple answer is everyone wants promotion. Why not, because it is the best way to encourage yourself and to refresh your mind with thoughts like all the hours spent by you under burden were worth spending. A promotion polishes your skills and gives you a clear route to your success which ultimately every person has been looking for.

Now moving on to the tracks, how can you get the promotion? Very simple someone needs to recommend you in front of your boss.

How to write a recommendation promotion letter?

When you are asked by your boss to write a letter recommending one of the employee around you capable to be announced for the promotion then to not panic if you are new in line because it is something that anyone who wrote a letter once can write and also you are selected because you that particular person better than other then all you have to do is to sit back follow the very simple pattern and be honest.

The main objective of the letter is to describe the work of the person that how much sensitive and dedicated he is to his work and what other responsibilities he handles and also why he is the most deserving person among all.

Try to use clear words and be more precise on his qualities and discuss the one that makes him better. There must be some projects handled and meeting head by that person so you can reference them in your letter. Before you write the best thing is to invest some time and go back find yourself some solid non-arguable attempts made by that person

There are many templates available that you can use as it is if it is your first attempt but you can also use them as the sample and prepare yourself one.

The pattern is overall the same typical pattern followed in all letters with just a hint of the twist.  You need to mention the full name of yourself and the person along with some other info and start your way by writing dear …..


Recommendation Letter for a Promotion


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