Purchase Request Form

The purchase request form is used by the person who wants to buy the products from the company. Usually these types of forms are used when a buyer wants to request large number of products.

Purchase request form, also known as PR is also used to give the authorization to continue the purchase process. With the help of this document, the user actually notifies the purchasing department of the items which he wants to order, the quantity of order and time frame of the purchase process. In order to get the desired product, it is very important to design the purchase request form effectively.

It is very important for the companies to maintain the purchase request form as these forms are very helpful in monitoring the expenses which the company bears and also the use of the inventory which is available to the company. Remember that the purchase request form does not make any contract with any external party. With the help of purchase request form, reservation of funds is done. The initiation of bidding process can also be done with the help of purchase request form.

Every purchase request form has a unique number and each number is entered into the banner finance. The advantage of entering the numbers in the banner finance is that it does not accept multiple entries of same number and in this way;the duplication of order is avoided. You can download the purchase request form from the internet and can customize it according to your needs and requirements.




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