Salary Certificate Template

It is a template that helps to make salary certificates with ease. A ready made format is used for this purpose and it is present online. You do not need to design it and so your valuable time is saved. It is professionally done in a specific format. A salary certificate is an authorized document, issued by the authority of a business entity. It contains some specific facts that need to be certified. It is issued by the employer for his employees.

Breach of this certificate means that the employee is no longer an employ of the company he has the salary certificate of. It is usually issued to the employee on his personal request. It declares the salary of the employee.

It is a significant official document for both the employer and the employee. It is used by the employee to get loans from the bank. Whereas, the company uses it for both internal and external use.  It consists of the details about certain things:

  • The basic salary
  • Taxes deducted and the amount of house rent
  • Amount of provident fund
  • Deductions if any

The organization use them for their own record. It is required by it for various tasks. This document must be handed over to the employee with his salary. The template for salary certificate is present online. It is not on the spread sheet in fact it is made on the MS Word. You can download it easily from different sites. Modifications can be made to the document according to your own feasibility and need.


Salary Certificate


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