Sales Forecast Calculator

The sales forecast calculator helps the business determine not only their sales revenue but also the expected profits. These in turn help to manage the cash flow it works on a very simple principle, you just need to enter values for expected sales and overheads and determine the following:

  • Gross profit
  • Net sales
  • Overheads
  • total sales

The sales forecast template is designed by professionals allowing business to easily get a printable version of it. The template helps in identifying projected sales both on the annual and quarterly basis. By knowing the sales revenue and profits business put themselves

  1. In a position to easily establish their targets to be achieved and also keep an eye on their progress.
  2. Look for deficits.

The key terms for using sales forecast for newly established business is totally different from those who are already in business. The newly entered business would rather face difficulty as it does not have any previous sales record with it. This would certainly be counted as an advantage for the old business entrants. The newly established business can, however, do so by

  1. studying the current trends,
  2. Look for what the competitors are doing
  3. Have knowledge of market stats.

For already established business as said above the terms are different. They would need

  1. To look up for any opportunities
  2. Previous year sale
  3. Possible threats

Once you gain knowledge of the above factors it becomes easy to work with the sales forecast template. For business already in a market, it proves beneficial as it allows them to look for loopholes due to which the established target was not achieved. Business can easily identify moves which proved to be profitable and which did not so as to avoid them in future undertakings. Working more on the profit-seeking strategies and providing resources to continue working effectively,

If by any chance a certain strategy did not work for the business, just look for the key measures which were responsible for the failure for future avoidance.

How to use the template

Step 1: open the template in a spreadsheet

Step 2: Enter your name as well as company’s name

Step3: Expected sales to be entered for each quarter

An automatic generation would be done for you as you enter in values.

Step 4: Enter the value of overheads incurred (enter only those which are specific to your business)

The template will now automatically generate the value of overhead and net profit on the basis of values entered.

Step 5: No you are in a position to completely examine your results and in their light identify that whether you have achieved your desired target or not. If yes continue with the same measures as taken before and if in case not then think about avoiding those measures which are responsible for the downfall.


Sales Forecast Templates

Sales Forecast Templates


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