Seminar Feedback Form

Feedbacks are the best ways to let someone know that how you feel about a particular thing and what your views are. This is how you can add both encouraging reviews and the ones that teach the source that what improvements that should be made to please most of the audience. The seminar feedback form is the form is the form that is being provided to all the attendees of the seminar so that their feedbacks can be collected for future betterment.

What does the seminar feedback form contain?
The form contains following spaces to be filled by the listener. The form is kept simple so the person doesn’t need to share any personal information plus it doesn’t need a lot of time because the forms that are generally time-consuming are the forms mostly ignored by the people and this is how you will receive a handful amount of reviews.


Seminar’s title:

The source through which you were able to listen to the seminar such as:

Maybe have attended it physically, radio, television, flyer, friend or newsletter

Then you tick in any one of the columns that say

Satisfied, neutral, very satisfied, unsatisfied, very unsatisfied. These are basically just your précised reviews about the seminar.

What else does the form offer?

The form not only asks you about the overall delivery about the idea but it also asks some precise questions that you need to fill by just ticking in the right column and in my opinion, this is the best part where a listener gets a chance to argue with its mind. It asks you following questions such as

1)    Is the information being provided is useful in any way or not?

2)    Was the speaker engaging with the audience in the right way?

3)    The statements being made are true or not?

4)    The length of the seminar was satisfactory?

In the very last space is left for the person to leave any specific comment in writing form which is not compulsory to be filled and is totally dependent on the thoughts of a person.


Seminar feedback form

Seminar feedback form


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