Silent Auction Bid Sheet

We use silent auction bid sheet in charitable donation sheet tablet to raise funds for any organisation who can spend it to for generous purposes. The silent auction is bit different from the other auction as in silent auction; a piece of paper is used with the display of item which has been represented for bidding. The interested buyer then asks for the inspection for the item in the display and then bid the highest price for that item. In this auction, the interested buyers are given this sheet to check the highest bid so that they can bid for more money.

A well drafted and professional silent auction bid sheet is very important for making any bid successful. You can design your own silent auction bid sheet very conveniently.

The main objective of this silent auction is to sell the item to the person who bids the highest price. The main elements to be included in the silent auction bid are the name of the bidder, the bidder number and the bid amount. You can also include the phone number, address and some other details of all the bidders. In the end, the signatures of the bidder with highest bid should be taken on the sheet.

You are required to have a form in order to create this sheet. There are many websites providing the silent auction bid sheet for free. You can use those templates and you can also customize them according to your needs. You can also save that template for future use.


Silent auction bid sheet


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