Statement of Account Template

Account Statement is actually is a brief description of all the sales made to your clients or customers. It is a summary that you can send as an account statement to your customer as per the agreement between you and your client. It can be on daily basis, monthly or may be on weekly basis. This account statement includes the invoices that has been recorded during this period.

This account statement is especially for the vendors or customer who have agreed upon previously upon the regularity of the payment to be paid. Normally, if the customer has no payment that is overdue, then it is of no use but some customers insists of sending it to them so they can be kept as a record with them.

The Account Statement Template consists of an entry method that is a single entry bookkeeping method. It is for those who are new in the field of business or have a medium or low volume of dealings. It is a good substitute for a costly book keeping software. The Account Statement Template can be easily filled.

You can download one any minute for book keeping. It is free and do not require any cost. There is a spread sheets of account statements also that help you keep a record of the invoices in an efficient manner. They are a proof to the invoices that have been entered in the template. To run your business smoothly it is must that you keep a record of your business trades.


statement of account



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