Statement Of Understanding Template

The documents are very important in professional life because many documents also act as legal files. In any job, the employers hire the employees if they feel that the employee can get the job done according to the requirement of the job. The employer may want the employee to follow certain rules, practice certain precautionary measures and avoid some actions during the job role.

All the policies of the company are explained to the employee in clear words before he joins the company. In order to assure that the employee has completely understood all the rules and policies of the company, the company presents the statement of understanding before the employee. Basically, the statement of understanding is a legal document which ensures that the employee has completely understood all the conditions when he signs it.

The statement of understanding has a primary role in the process of hiring because in the absence of this statement, the employee will never be aware of the rules and regulations and he may face serious problems during his job when he will break those rules.

Statement of understanding is not a complicated document. It is a simple document that contains the vowed statement of the person undertaking the statement. The statement is followed by the person’s signatures.

The statement of understanding is not only for using in businesses but it can also be used in diplomatic relations. The diplomats sign this document after understanding all the conditions which a country imposes.


Statement of Understanding Template


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